AccountGo SaaS v5.9 Nulled – Accounting and Billing Tool

AccountGo SaaS Nulled is an account management software that simplifies revenue calculation by keeping track of all business accounting matters. This accounting software, built on Laravel, will make your business operations more efficient and convenient. A graphical and tabular representation of various elements will help you to make sound business decisions. Create plans with a Super Admin Login in a SaaS version.

AccountGo SaaS Features


Get a summary of total customers, vendors, invoices, and bills, as well as numerical charts for Income VS Expenses, Latest Income, and Expense. Individual graph representations of Cash Flow, Income Categories, Expense Categories, and Income – Expense Chart will provide a visual status of the business’s various accounting details.

Create plans and collect payments – a unique SaaS feature

With a Super Admin Login, create plans that are most feasible for your business model. Select appropriate pricing and duration for the created plan. Get payment using various payment gateways. The plan would be disabled if not renewed after its expiry.

Assign roles to each staff

You can assign roles to each member of your team using our multi-user accounting tool. Gain control over their access to certain parameters by managing their permissions.

Manage your Products and Services

Assign SKU, tax, units, categories, sales price, purchase price, and descriptions to your product and service list. You can also modify this list to reflect current events. You’d have a complete picture of your account matters, and you wouldn’t have to go anywhere to find product details.

Customers and Vendors Access

Maintain a database of your customers by creating unique email addresses for each of them. Customers can log in at any time to view the status of their invoices and transaction details. You could keep records for their shipping and billing addresses, making trade easier. Similarly, by assigning them unique Email addresses, vendors could gain access to their bills and transactions.

Manage your Proposals

It has never been easier to create and send proposals with AccountGo Nulled SaaS. Select customers and add products/services to the list to create new proposals. Existing proposals can be edited by adding or removing products. You can send these proposals and also check on their status. Create duplicate proposals and convert them to invoicing with a single click. Consider how many work hours you would save if you did this.

Twilio Integration

The Twilio Integration for receiving text messages about completed jobs is a very useful and convenient feature. One of the most significant advantages of Twilio Integration is the ability to receive an instant text message of the activities on the registered mobile number even when your phone is not connected to the internet.


You can describe the item/special comment in the description box and add custom fields as needed along with the basic features when creating invoices, proposals, and bills.

Banking Features

Create Account

Create new accounts quickly and easily by updating information such as the account holder’s name, the bank’s name, the account number, the opening balance, and the contact number. When necessary, edit the essential information.

Transfer Money

Maintain records and easily transfer funds from one bank account to another via various modes. You could use simple filtering to look for specific transfers.

Manage Transactions

Transactions are easily managed thanks to a detailed list of transaction charts. Individual accounts can be used to search for and filter transactions.

Income Features

Manage Invoices

Add new items/products to the existing invoices. With a single click, you can download, print, or resend the invoice. You can easily send payment reminders and add payments. Customers can pay their invoices using Stripe, Paypal, or a QR Scan.

Revenue Management

Create new revenue to record the newly generated revenue. Change the revenue source and include references. You could also filter the revenue by account, customer, category, and payment method.

Expense Features

Payment Management

Create new payments to record the newly generated expense. Modify the categories and include references. You could also filter the revenue by account, customer, category, and payment method.

Manage Bills

Add payments to the existing bills. With a single click, you can download, print, or resend the bill. Check the status of your payments and make changes to your payment summary.

The Dynamic Setting for Decimal Places

Updating the value on decimal places is easy to access from the System Setting.

Display of Amount in Bill/ Invoice PDF

While generating the PDF, the user can update the vendors’ bills/customers’ invoices with the appropriate display of Paid, Due, and Debit/ Credit Note Amount.

Budget Planner

A budget is a financial plan for a specific time period that is used to keep track of the working capital. This feature here helps to keep the capital flowing. Budgets can be set monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly, depending on your business plans and needs. The main categories are “Income” and “Expense,” and the sub-categories can be edited, updated, or deleted.

Inventory Management in Invoice and Bill

Isn’t it simple to check the inventory status of each item you use for your business activities? That sounds fascinating!
You can monitor the inventory of each item you have registered with you here, using the inventory management feature. Following the creation of the Invoice/Bill, the quantity will be automatically updated in “Product & Services” for review. Overall, maintaining the product inventory level is simple.

Customer/ Vendor Statement Report

You can review the filtered particulars of that customer/ vendor for a specific period with the help of this “Customer/ Vendor Statement Report” Module. This statement report includes the start and end dates, order details, payment details, and the customer/vendor transaction history.


Get a transaction report with a simple filtering option. Account statements must be downloaded in PDF, CSV, or Excel format. Individual income, expense, tax, invoice, and bill summary reports are provided. Sort them by Account, Category, and Customers. A graphical representation of the Income VS Expense chart, as well as a detailed calculation of Profit and Loss, will also assist you in making informed decisions. Filter the tax summary and income versus expense chart by fiscal year.

New feature for export report data

Report data such as transactions, summaries, and statements can be exported as Excel, PDF, or CSV files.


Create goals for specific activities and assign them a time frame and monetary value. Its graphical presentation on the dashboard would facilitate the completion of these tasks.


Edit and delete assets from your asset list to manage it. You can create new assets by giving them duration, descriptions, and amounts.

Company Settings

Customize your site settings by uploading the logo files and writing the title text. Customize the company and email address settings. You can add currencies and specify their location in the system settings.


Create the constant tab by adding and modifying tax rates, categories, units, and payment methods. This would make it easier to generate invoices and bills.

Download AccountGo SaaS PHP Script

AccountGo SaaS is a software for managing accounts that simplifies revenue calculation by keeping track of all accounting-related business issues. This accounting software, which is based on Laravel, will streamline and facilitate the operations of your business. You can make wise decisions for your company by using a graphical and tabular representation of various components. Create plans using a Super Admin Login when using a SaaS version.


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