B2B & Wholesale Suite 1.6.23 Nulled

B2B & Wholesale Suite is a powerful plugin designed for WooCommerce, a popular e-commerce platform, that enables businesses to create a seamless and efficient B2B (Business-to-Business) and wholesale purchasing experience. It offers a comprehensive set of features specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of B2B and wholesale transactions, making it an invaluable tool for businesses looking to streamline their wholesale operations.


Wholesale Prices and Discounts – Different Prices for Different Users

B2B & Wholesale Suite Nulled allows you to set different pricing structures and discounts for various user groups or roles. You can create tiered pricing based on quantity or customer groups, ensuring that each user receives the appropriate pricing for their order volume.

Tiered Pricing and Tiered Price Table

With the tiered pricing feature, you can offer progressive discounts based on the quantity of products purchased. The tiered price table provides a clear and organized view of the pricing structure, allowing customers to easily understand the available discounts based on their order quantity.

Hide Prices, Hide Shop, Force Login for Guest Users

If you want to create an exclusive wholesale experience, B2B & Wholesale Suite enables you to hide prices, hide the entire shop, or force guest users to log in before accessing wholesale pricing. This feature ensures that only registered and approved wholesale customers can view and purchase products at the designated prices.

Request a Quote with Customizable Forms

The “Request a Quote” feature allows wholesale customers to submit inquiries for custom pricing or bulk orders. You can create customizable forms with specific fields to collect the necessary information for accurate quoting, enabling you to provide personalized quotes to your customers.

Product Visibility by Product, Category, User, and Group

B2B & Wholesale Suite gives you granular control over product visibility. You can restrict access to specific products or categories, making them visible only to wholesale customers or specific user groups. This feature allows you to create an exclusive wholesale catalog while maintaining a separate B2C shopping experience.

Bulk Order Form for Rapid Wholesale Ordering

The bulk order form simplifies the ordering process for wholesale customers. It enables them to quickly add multiple products to their cart using SKUs or product names, making it convenient for frequent or bulk purchases. This feature saves time for both customers and businesses.

Business Registration and Custom Fields + Manual or Automatic Approval

B2B & Wholesale Suite provides a user-friendly registration system for businesses. You can create custom fields to collect relevant business information, such as tax IDs or resale certificates. Additionally, you have the flexibility to manually review and approve wholesale customer registrations or set up automatic approval, streamlining the registration process.

Separate B2B and B2C Registration

The plugin allows you to have separate registration processes for B2B and B2C customers. This ensures that each type of customer receives a tailored registration experience, with specific fields and requirements based on their business or individual needs.

Tax Exemptions and VAT Number Validation

B2B & Wholesale Suite supports tax exemptions for wholesale customers. You can validate VAT numbers to ensure compliance with tax regulations. This feature simplifies the tax calculation process and provides a seamless experience for businesses operating in different tax jurisdictions.

Display Prices including or excluding tax for B2B / B2C users differently

You can configure B2B and B2C pricing display options based on whether prices should be shown including or excluding tax. This flexibility allows you to cater to the specific needs and preferences of each customer group.

Rules System

The rules system offers extensive customization options. You can define custom taxes and fees, apply discounts, set minimum order quantity and amount, specify quantity steps, hide prices, offer free shipping, and more. This powerful feature enables you to create complex pricing and ordering rules tailored to your business requirements.

Messaging System with Email Notifications

B2B & Wholesale Suite includes a messaging system that allows you to communicate with your wholesale customers. You can send email notifications regarding order updates, quotes, or any other relevant information, ensuring efficient and timely communication throughout the wholesale purchasing process.

Multi-User Accounts with Permissions and Employee Accounts

The plugin supports multi-user accounts with varying levels of permissions. You can create employee accounts with restricted access, enabling your team to manage wholesale operations efficiently while maintaining control over sensitive information and settings.

Control Payment and Shipping Methods

B2B & Wholesale Suite provides control over payment and shipping methods. You can restrict or prioritize specific payment and shipping options for wholesale customers, ensuring that they have access to the most appropriate and convenient choices for their business needs.

Create and Manage Product Bundles

The suite allows you to create and manage product bundles or packages specifically for wholesale customers. This feature facilitates upselling and cross-selling opportunities, enabling you to offer customized bundles tailored to your wholesale clients’ preferences.

Shopping Lists (Requisition Lists) for Easy Re-orders

Wholesale customers can create shopping lists or requisition lists for easy reordering of frequently purchased items. This feature simplifies the ordering process and saves time for both businesses and their wholesale customers.

Product Details and Information Table

B2B & Wholesale Suite provides a comprehensive product details and information table. This allows you to display additional specifications, descriptions, or pricing information in a structured and organized format, making it easier for wholesale customers to make informed purchasing decisions.

Content Control – Different Content for Different Users

You can customize the content displayed on your website based on user roles or groups. This feature enables you to provide targeted information, promotions, or messaging specifically tailored to B2B or wholesale customers, enhancing the overall user experience.

New Payment Gateway: Pay via Invoice

The suite includes a new payment gateway that allows wholesale customers to pay via invoice. This payment option is particularly beneficial for businesses that prefer to manage invoicing and payment terms for their wholesale customers.

Coupons Control – Restrict Coupons by Role, B2B, or B2C

B2B & Wholesale Suite Free Download offers control over coupon usage. You can restrict coupon availability and usage based on user roles, whether customers are B2B or B2C, or other criteria. This ensures that coupons are utilized appropriately within your wholesale operations.

Import and Export Prices via CSV Upload

The plugin facilitates bulk updates of pricing information through the import and export functionality. You can easily update wholesale prices by uploading a CSV file, streamlining the process for managing large product catalogs.

Tools Panel with Bulk Product and User Tools

B2B & Wholesale Suite provides a comprehensive tools panel that allows you to perform bulk actions on products and users. You can update prices, modify user roles, assign pricing tiers, and manage other wholesale-related tasks efficiently and effortlessly.

Download B2B & Wholesale Suite Plugin

In conclusion, B2B & Wholesale Suite offers a robust set of features specifically designed to meet the unique needs of B2B and wholesale operations. From flexible pricing options and tiered pricing tables to streamlined ordering processes and customizable forms, the suite provides the tools necessary to create a seamless and efficient wholesale purchasing experience. With advanced functionalities such as tax exemptions, multi-user accounts, content control, and extensive rule systems, businesses can customize and automate their wholesale operations to enhance productivity, customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive growth in the B2B market.


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