Bascart 1.1.5 Nulled – Multivendor Marketplace & Woocommerce WordPress Theme with Builder

Bascart is the ultimate WooCommerce WordPress theme for any E-commerce business or WooCommerce website. The theme is designed to create WooCommerce online stores with a lightning-fast interface for the best user experience.

The ShopEngine WooCommerce builder is fully compatible with the theme. With the drag and drop feature, you can create and customize an entire eCommerce site. You can enable advanced features such as Product Comparison, Wishlist, Variation Swatches, and more with the ShopEngine WooCommerce builder!

Bascart Theme Nulled includes a plethora of elements and powerful features that allow you to configure everything you want. There is a mini cart, custom widgets, a slider with smooth transition effects, a menu with multiple column styles, and advanced widgets in this theme. It is ideal for any e-commerce category, including grocery stores, gadget e-commerce websites, supermarkets, cosmetics shops, electronic stores, sports shops, and many others.


One Click Installation

Bascart provides a one-click installation feature, allowing you to quickly set up the theme and get started with your online store.

ShopEngine WooCommerce Builder

Bascart is built with ShopEngine, a WooCommerce builder that provides seamless integration with the popular Elementor page builder. This enables you to easily customize and design your store’s pages using a drag-and-drop interface.

7 Unique Niche Home Variations

The theme offers seven unique pre-designed home page variations tailored to different niche markets. These variations provide a starting point for your store’s design and can be customized to match your brand.

ElementsKits Addons

Bascart includes the ElementsKits Addons, which enhance the functionality of the Elementor page builder. You’ll have access to additional elements, templates, and blocks to create visually appealing and feature-rich pages.

WooCommerce Powered

Bascart is fully powered by WooCommerce, the leading e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It provides seamless integration, ensuring that your online store operates smoothly and efficiently.

Header & Footer Builder

It includes a header and footer builder, allowing you to customize these essential sections of your store. You can create unique designs, add menus, logos, and other elements to reflect your brand identity.

Live Customizer

Bascart features a live customizer, enabling you to see real-time previews of your store’s design changes. You can customize colors, fonts, layouts, and other visual aspects of your site without the need for coding knowledge.

Sidebar Options

The theme offers flexible sidebar options, including left, right, or no sidebar layouts. You can choose the configuration that best suits your store’s design and content requirements.

HTML5 Validated

Bascart adheres to HTML5 coding standards, ensuring that your website is built with clean, compliant code for optimal performance and compatibility.

WPML Compatible

If you need to create a multilingual store, Bascart is compatible with WPML, a popular plugin for creating multilingual websites. This allows you to easily translate your store’s content into different languages.

Translation Ready

Bascart includes a .pot file, making it translation-ready. You can translate the theme into your desired language using translation plugins or tools.

Responsive Theme

Bascart is designed to be fully responsive, ensuring that your online store looks great and functions flawlessly on all devices and screen sizes.

FontAwesome and Line Icons

The theme offers a wide range of font icons from FontAwesome and Line Icons, giving you a diverse collection of icons to use throughout your store’s design.

Child Theme Included

Bascart comes with a child theme, allowing you to make customizations without modifying the parent theme directly. This ensures that your modifications are preserved even when updating the theme.

Google Web Fonts

The theme integrates with Google Web Fonts, giving you access to a vast library of fonts to choose from and customize your store’s typography.

Stylish Blog Page

In addition to its e-commerce features, Bascart provides a stylish and customizable blog page layout. You can share articles, news, and updates related to your products or industry.


Bascart includes comprehensive documentation that guides you through the installation, setup, and customization process. It provides detailed explanations of the theme’s features and options, helping you use and customize the theme effectively.

Download Bascart WordPress Theme

Bascart is a modern WooCommerce WordPress theme that offers a range of powerful features and customization options for creating a successful online store. With its seamless integration with the Elementor page builder and the ShopEngine WooCommerce Builder, you have the flexibility to design and customize your store’s pages according to your preferences.

The theme provides seven unique niche home variations, allowing you to choose a design that aligns with your specific industry or market. It also includes the ElementKits Addons, which expand the functionality of Elementor and provide additional elements and templates to enhance your store’s design.

Bascart is fully WooCommerce powered, ensuring smooth integration and functionality for your online store. It has been tested and optimized for compatibility with the latest version of WordPress, providing a secure and stable platform.

With the header and footer builder, you can easily customize these essential sections of your store to match your brand identity. The live customizer allows you to see real-time previews of your design changes, making it convenient to customize colors, fonts, layouts, and more.

The theme offers flexible sidebar options and is HTML5 validated, adhering to coding standards for optimal performance. It is also compatible with WPML for creating multilingual stores, and translation-ready with a .pot file included.

Bascart is designed to be fully responsive, ensuring that your store looks great and functions well on all devices. It provides access to FontAwesome and Line Icons for a wide range of font icons, and Google Web Fonts for customizing your store’s typography.

Additionally, the theme includes a stylish blog page layout, comprehensive documentation, and a child theme for easy customization without affecting the parent theme.

Overall, Bascart is a user-friendly and feature-rich WooCommerce WordPress theme that empowers you to create a visually appealing and functional online store.


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