Bookly PRO 6.8 + v21.8 Nulled + Latest Addons – Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software System

Bookly Pro WordPress automated online booking and scheduling: fully customizable booking form with online payments, notifications, and Google Calendar sync.

The Bookly Pro add-on makes advanced features of the Bookly online appointment scheduling plugin available. With Bookly Pro Nulled, you can remove all of the restrictions that come with the free version of the Bookly WordPress booking plugin.

What is Bookly Pro?

Bookly Pro is an add-on for WordPress websites that requires the Bookly plugin. With Bookly, your customers can book services directly on your website. There is no need for time-consuming phone calls or in-person meetings.

Bookly is the best booking plugin for WordPress, according to many reviews. It is a one-of-a-kind booking system that is constantly being improved in order to remain competitive. Our programmers never stop working to solve your concerns and requests.

So, if you’re ready to automate booking on your (or your client’s) website, Bookly Pro Free Download might be just what you’re looking for.


Let’s take a look at some of Bookly’s features.

Intuitive WordPress admin panel

Whether you’re an experienced WordPress user or a newcomer, our clean panel design will complement your skills and preferences. With almost no effort, you can set up Bookly Pro and have a world-class booking system working for you in no time. Managing features and appointments has never been simpler.

Sleek, simple design

The interface has been cleverly designed to be compatible with any web page. What good would a booking system be if it stood out like a sore thumb? The booking page is simply designed to make it easy to use. Your customers will breeze through it and be at your door in no time. Not only that, but scheduling an appointment through your website will undoubtedly impress those customers.

Customize Bookly Pro to suit any need

The booking form can be completely customized to fit your style and business. You can use this revolutionary booking plugin to:

  • Alter the appearance of each step in the booking process.
  • Show or hide specific fields
  • Add new fields to the process
  • Change the colors to blend perfectly into your scheme
  • Rearrange the service provider list, category list, and service list.
  • Customize any of the text on the form.

Whatever your customization requirements are, Bookly has you covered.

Let clients book on the go with a full mobile integration

The booking form will automatically resize to fit your mobile site. As a result, your clients can use the booking plugin at any time and from any location.

The backend also adjusts to fit your mobile screen, allowing you to manage your bookings while on the go. Because it is your responsibility to look after the clients, and it is our responsibility to look after you.

Synchronize Bookly Pro with your Google Calendar

With Google Calendar and Bookly Pro, you can efficiently manage your staff’s workload, hours, and bookings.

Most only provide one-way sync, but we’ve gone above and beyond. Google Calendar syncs with Bookly Pro, and Bookly Pro Free Download syncs with Google Calendar, allowing for a unique two-way sync!

Bookly Pro time slots are automatically marked as busy in your Google Calendar. When Bookly Pro proposes available time slots to clients, it takes into account busy slots in Google Calendar.

Add an unlimited number of booking forms on your site

You can use Bookly Pro to create and publish multiple booking forms on your WordPress website. All appointments made using those booking forms will appear in a single location – your Bookly Calendar.

Send team members SMS and email notifications and reminders to avoid missed or late bookings.

You and your team will always be on top of things. It will be ensured by reminders of upcoming and updated appointments made through the booking plugin. Never miss another reservation again.

Keep your clients informed too

It won’t help if your employees are punctual but your customers aren’t. Your customers will be notified of pending, approved, and canceled bookings. Again, the notifications are completely customizable. Remind clients of upcoming appointments, thank customers, and personalize your messages. You can even send staff next-day agendas and cart purchase notifications.

Switch calendar views

To view your company’s workload in different ways, choose between daily, weekly, and monthly views.

Add unlimited services and staff members

Bookly Pro adapts to your needs, whether you are a one-man operation or a multinational corporation. You may:

  • Connect staff members to the services they offer as well as their personal Google calendar.
  • Add any number of services and staff members
  • Tie each employee to one or several services.

Everything you’d want in a booking plugin, and more.

Allow clients to book in their native language with full translation assistance

Bookly Pro is WPML-compatible, allowing for multi-language websites. If you want, you can translate your Bookly Pro installation yourself using the.po files.

The plugin includes 12 built-in languages: English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish, Chinese, and Japanese.

Manage your customer base effortlessly

Don’t let your clientele grow out of control. You get an unlimited, sortable, and searchable customer list with Bookly Pro. But that isn’t all. You could also:

  • View each customer’s booking and payment statistics.
  • Keep internal notes on a customer.
  • Add a new customer from the calendar.
  • Customers’ WordPress accounts should be created and assigned.
  • When deleting customers, delete the associated WordPress account.
  • In addition, you can import and export customer lists.

Integrate Woocommerce into your Bookly Pro

We’ve got you covered yet again if you need a booking plugin for your WordPress store page. Woocommerce integration enables you to use their payment gateways, which is useful for both new entrepreneurs and established business professionals.

Set different prices for different staff members

Do you have staff members with varying skill levels? With Bookly Pro, you can add prices to reflect this, giving your customers a choice. Choice breeds satisfaction, and satisfaction keeps customers returning for more!

Add custom schedules for individual staff members

Your team is not required to adhere to standard business hours. On the Bookly Pro plugin, you can discuss and create individual booking hours for each staff member.

Breaks and annual leave can also be added directly from the plugin. Not what you’d expect from a standard booking plugin, but we exceed expectations.

Receive secure and flexible payments

Secure online payments and cash on delivery work in tandem to make your service available to all of your customers. Paypal Express Checkout is included in Bookly Pro, and there are several payment gateway add-ons that can be integrated with Bookly Pro to help drive more customers directly to your door from the booking plugin.

Payment reporting also allows you to filter and sort a list of completed and pending payments. Also, for free services, hide the payment step. Customization is essential for a booking plugin (especially for WordPress), and Bookly Pro provides plenty of it.

Services can be sorted by category

With Bookly Pro, you’ll have a variety of options for each service. Including:

  • Set the duration of each service individually.
  • Change the minimum time slot lengths.
  • Set each service’s visibility to public or private.
  • Choose a service category.

Data Import and Export

Almost all data in the plugin can be exported. This includes the following:

  • Log of Appointments
  • Customer information
  • Customers’ list

Data, such as client databases, can also be imported. Bookly Pro, a top booking plugin for WordPress, strives to provide convenience to clients, business owners, and developers – and it succeeds.

Confirm your bookings manually

Appointments can be created with a pending status. They will remain in this state until you confirm them. Excellent for when your availability is uncertain.

Add off days

You can schedule weekends, holidays, and days off for your entire staff or for individual employees.

Set different appointment lengths and padding time

Not all services are created equal. We understand this, which is why each service may have a different duration. If your appointments require preparation (or you need coffee in between appointments), you can use the padding time option to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

Let customers view and edit bookings online

Add a booking list to your website that is automatically updated. If your customer wants to view their appointments, they can login with their credentials, which Bookly Pro will send to them if you choose to create WordPress accounts for all customers.

They can then view or cancel their appointments, increasing flexibility and client satisfaction.

Let your clients cancel when life catches up to them

Sometimes life gets in the way and we can’t make our appointments. The cancellation process in Bookly Pro makes it simple for clients to cancel – and demonstrates your flexibility. However, the cancellation only works if it is done after the minimum notice period has passed.

Set minimum notice periods for cancellations

For cancellations, you can specify a minimum notice period (e.g., 24, 48 hours). If the client cancels on time, this will have no effect on them. However, it will prevent them from canceling on short notice.

Built-in analytics

View statistics for bookings, customers, and payments received directly in the Bookly Pro admin area to gain a clear understanding of how efficiently your company operates.

Keep track of appointments by color-coding services

In the WordPress backend, you can assign different colors to each of your services. You can keep track of appointments this way. This helps with visual scheduling and makes your life easier.

Add a handy progress bar

The handy progress bar will show customers how far they are in the booking process. They will not be frustrated by a longer booking process because they will know exactly what to expect.

Download Bookly PRO WordPress Plugin

Overall, we recommend Bookly to businesses that don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a customized booking or appointment system. Hair salons, law firms, restaurants, personal trainers, medical professionals, consultants, hotels, and event planners are examples of small to medium-sized businesses. All of these businesses should consider the premium version because it includes eCommerce functionality, Google Calendar syncing, reports, coupons, and email reminders for your customers.


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