Broadcast Premium Pack 49.06 Nulled

Multisite networks allow you to share plugins and themes as well as perform some administration tasks, but they do not share content. A plugin such as Broadcast is required for this. Broadcast Premium Pack Nulled is a network content syndication and post sharing plugin that lets you automatically share content between multisite blogs.

Why would you want to share information? Assume you have a network for a school, hospital, or large corporation, and each division has their own WordPress instance on the multisite. You may need to send a company-wide message, post to specific sites, share templates and media with administrators, and so on. You can’t do it with just the Multisite.

This plugin allows you to post content, such as articles and attachments, to one website and have it automatically broadcast to all other websites. Of course, you can also choose which websites receive the broadcast. This is fantastic for anyone who uses distributed content, such as stores, news, and education. When the parent post is updated, the broadcasted posts are updated. All data is included: content, title, attachments, tags, categories, users, slug, custom fields, templates, and so on.

Broadcast is excellent for:

  • Retail chains
  • Content aggregators
  • Franchises
  • News websites
  • Schools
  • Anything else that involves distributed content!

Here are some broadcast use cases:

  • In the school classroom, broadcast
  • WordPress and Broadcast Franchising
  • Broadcast Parent Pull for On-Demand Content Syndication
  • Form sharing on a WordPress network
  • WooCommerce Wholesale and Broadcast

Download Broadcast Premium Pack WordPress Plugin

The Broadcast plugin delivers on its promises. It’s simple to use and has well-written documentation. There are four different add-on packs that provide every feature I could think of. Broadcast is an essential tool for any WordPress multisite.


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