Cartify 1.2.4 Nulled – WooCommerce Gutenberg WordPress Theme

Cartify Nulled is the most important WooCommerce theme for Gutenberg. Theme packed with conversion-based features to provide users with a seamless experience free of distractions. With the help of 20+ responsive and unique demo layouts built entirely on Gutenberg blocks, you can create any type of shopping website. The demo includes four distinct layouts for general purpose stores, four distinct layouts for furniture stores, two distinct layouts for fashion shops, grocery stores, and jewel shops, as well as shop layouts for electronics, gadgets, shoes, watches, sport wears, baby products, skincare products, and modern arts.

All demos are meticulously crafted with modern design trends in mind. Each demo will provide you with a modern look and a seamless experience across all devices. You can also mix and match sections/blocks from each demo without making any changes. To maintain consistency and visual flow, we decided to use the same fonts, typography, and spacing across all demos.

We understand that the theme’s functional capabilities are just as important as its design. As a result, we decided to include as many features as possible in this WordPress theme. For ex. You can allow your users to complete the purchase using multistep checkout by providing them with nice step-by-step visual cues without requiring them to leave the page. Allow users to add products directly from the shop or any page, even if it has variations, which they can configure and add. You can also display multiple images for each variation without restriction.

Headers Features

We committed to displaying as much header information as possible on all devices without limiting any design or functional abilities. As a result, our Header Builder will provide you with complete control over all devices. As a result, the same desktop menu can be used on mobile without compromising its structure.

Header Builder allows you to control the headers of individual devices. For example, you can only use a sticky header on mobile devices. We’re also using blocks to make headers. As a result, anyone with no coding knowledge can use or edit the header. Creating any type of header is as simple as dragging and dropping.

If you don’t want to start from scratch, Header Builder comes with 13+ unique blocks (such as a logo, primary menu, search, cart, etc…) and 10+ pre-made header layouts.

Product Page Features

Because products are the heart of any eCommerce website, we want all users to be able to customize every aspect of the product page without any coding knowledge. Product Layout Builder lets you create product layouts just like any other page, with all changes visible in real time via live preview. So, with a simple drag and drop, you can add blocks and rearrange them wherever you want.
From the standpoint of the developer/coder, the product may necessitate the addition of numerous third-party tools and snippets. We decided not to give up the flexibility of positioning hooks and actions. As a result, you can simply target any block and place hooks before and after it.

If you don’t want to start from scratch, Product Layout Builder comes with 30+ Unique Blocks (such as an image gallery, title, cart button, price, and so on) and 10+ Pre-made Product Layouts.

Duplicate, edit, delete, or drag and drop with the builder’s lightning-fast speed. All it takes is a single click.

Shop Page Features

The main shop page/archive page is the center of all attraction, and it will simplify the process of purchasing the product. As a result, we want users to click and scroll less, but to be able to checkout as quickly as possible. So, from the archives page, anyone can simply select the quantity, add products to cart (including variations), fill coupons, and proceed to checkout. There’s no need to be distracted elsewhere. The rest of the tasks will be handled by an Ajax-based Multistep Checkout page.

Blog and Portfolio Features

Cartify provides a wide variety of blog and portfolio layouts, including grid, masonry, and carousel layouts. Our custom blocks will enable you to create a plethora of portfolio and blog layouts to keep your users engaged with your fantastic content. A portfolio can even be used as a Collection Post type to showcase your product collections.

Download Cartify WordPress Theme

We recognize that the theme’s practical capabilities are just as vital as its design. As a result, we tried to include as many features as possible in this theme. For ex. You may allow your users to finish the transaction utilizing multistep checkout by providing them with excellent step-by-step visual cues without requiring them to leave the page. Allow consumers to add goods immediately from the shop or any page, even if it contains variations, which they may modify and add. You may also display many photos for each variant without restriction.


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