WooCommerce Category Slider Pro 1.4.7 Nulled

WooCommerce Category Slider Pro allows you to aesthetically display specific WooCommerce Categories (Parent, Child, Grand Child, and Great-grand Child) in different layouts such as Slider, Grid, and Block. You can display your product categories with thumbnails, child categories, descriptions, custom text, and over 900 flat icons. The plugin includes a simple and easy-to-use shortcode generator interface with 200+ useful options for easily customizing and managing WooCommerce Categories and their content without coding.

A WooCommerce Category Slider Pro Nulled is one of the best ways to highlight your specific product categories and, if placed strategically or correctly, will undoubtedly allow you to increase the conversion rate in your shop or site.

Why WooCommerce Category Slider Pro is important?

There are numerous products and categories in a WooCommerce store or shop. In general, the product categories are not well highlighted in the store. As a result, your potential customers are unsure of what product categories are available or sold in your shop.

WooCommerce Category Slider allows your visitors to find the category they’re looking for without having to search the entire WooCommerce store or site. You can display multiple product categories at the same time in a slider, grid, or block view so that your prospective customers can see them all. This makes your shop or website appear much more professional, clean, and sharp in the eyes of your customers.

If you can display your product categories in strategic places throughout your store or website, you will effectively increase your conversion rate and achieve your goal! Use this Simple Tool to Increase the Conversion Rate of Your WooCommerce Store!

Plugin Features

Simple and Easy to Use

Category Slider for WooCommerce provides a visually appealing, comprehensive, and user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly create an amazing WooCommerce Category Showcase. There is no need to learn anything new, and no coding skills are required.

Import and Export Wizard

Import and export your existing Category Slider for WooCommerce shortcodes to save time. You can easily import and export data from a local server to a live server or from an old website to a new website! It is both convenient and quick!

Mobile and SEO-Friendly

Category Slider for Woo is fully responsive and SEO-friendly right out of the box. You can limit the number of Categories that appear on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Super Fast Performance

Websites are fantastic! WooCommerce Category Slider is optimized for speed and performance. It complies with the most stringent WordPress code standards. It is fast on all types of websites.

Full Control Over Styling

The WooCommerce Category Slider plugin includes a plethora of styling options for customizing the functionality and appearance of your WooCommerce Category Showcases.

Developer Friendly

Manage and display your WooCommerce Category Showcases on your site using the familiar WordPress interface, which has been enhanced with numerous hooks to customize the layouts and output.

Page Builders & Gutenberg

WooCommerce Category Slider Nulled has been designed to work with the new Gutenberg block editor as well as the most popular WordPress plugins and page builders such as Elementor, Divi, and others.

We Speak Your Language

Category Slider for Woo can be translated into any language using.po and.mo files. This plugin supports Right To Left (RTL). Multilingual online stores and websites are also possible.

Download WooCommerce Category Slider Pro Nulled

The WooCommerce Category Slider Pro Free Download plugin is ideal for any small to large E-commerce site owner or organization. Bloggers, designers, developers, photographers, and anyone else can use this plugin to highlight their Categories and services.

You should use this plugin if you want to quickly create a great-looking WooCommerce Category Slider or Grid section on your WordPress site with an intuitive and stylish admin interface.


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