Cirilla 3.7.9 Nulled – Multipurpose Flutter App For WordPress & Woocommerce

The mobile app industry is rapidly growing with different types of applications being designed to cater to a wide range of business needs. Are you on the hunt for a versatile application equipped with rich functionalities and supreme code quality? Do you need an app where you can either design your custom template layouts or directly import pre-built demo layout templates into your app, changing designs whenever you desire? If so, allow us to introduce you to Cirilla Nulled, the all-in-one Flutter app for WordPress and WooCommerce.

Cirilla is a multipurpose app meticulously designed and developed over 4000 hours, offering you a plethora of features and capabilities for different app types. It is perfect for creating various types of apps including single shop WooCommerce apps, food apps, radio and podcast apps, cosmetic shops, grocery shops, beauty apps, news & magazine apps, and so much more.

What sets Cirilla apart is its ability to cater to individuals with zero coding knowledge, developers, and agencies who aim to save time and money by providing their clients with premium quality apps. Cirilla is also equipped with an App Builder plugin that lets you design and modify your app designs without the need to re-publish to app stores. This means you have more power and control over your app than ever before.



Cirilla’s cart feature offers a convenient and flexible online shopping experience. It seamlessly syncs with WordPress WooCommerce allowing users to edit their items and coupons, choose their shipping options, and even merge their carts whether they’re guests or registered users.

Query Data Selector

The Query Data Selector is a unique feature that lets you access and manipulate nested data in product or post data effortlessly. It allows the extraction of specific values, application of methods, or joining multiple data sets. Once you’ve selected and filtered the data, you can display the results on labels or images to craft dynamic and interactive user interfaces.

Dynamic Product List Layout

Cirilla gives you the power to create multiple product layouts in the product list screen and customize each product item as per your needs. You can choose from grid or list layout options, select from eight different product item template layouts, and configure the image, name, price, rating, and other elements of each product item. Moreover, you can display custom data in widget areas above the name, price, or rating of each product item.

Real-Time Chat with Store Vendor

Cirilla offers a real-time chat feature allowing you to interact with store vendors through video, enhancing the communication and customer service experience.

Dynamic Config Social Link

This feature allows for dynamic configuration of social links, helping you maintain an active and engaging online presence.

Product Review with Photo

Cirilla allows users to write product reviews and attach photos, enhancing transparency and fostering trust among customers.

Push Notifications

Stay connected with your users through Cirilla’s push notification feature. Send timely updates, offers, and news directly to their device.


Monetize your app using the integrated AdMob feature, a proven way to earn revenue through in-app advertising.

Biometric Authentication

With security being paramount, Cirilla offers Biometric Authentication which ensures only you can access your app, using unique identifiers like your fingerprint or face.

Download Cirilla Mobile App Template

To sum up, Cirilla is a robust multipurpose Flutter App for WordPress & WooCommerce that goes above and beyond to offer diverse features for different types of apps. It’s an excellent choice for anyone from beginner to professional developers, looking to save time and effort in creating high-quality apps. With Cirilla, you don’t just build an app, you empower yourself with an innovative tool designed to make your digital transformation seamless. Embrace the future with Cirilla – where you’re not just a user, but the architect of your own digital landscape.


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