Cryptitan 4.0.0 Nulled – Multi-featured Crypto Software & Digital Marketplace

Cryptitan Nulled is a multi-featured cryptocurrency exchange software. You can host your own business and earn passive income through commissions thanks to the support of multiple cryptocurrencies. The supported features include, but are not limited to, Crypto Exchange with direct bank transfer, credit cards, or any other supported payment gateways, Peer to Peer Trading with real time chat support and dispute resolution, Crypto Commerce (aka. Crypto Payment Gateway) which is a sophisticated crypto payment solution (with API) for your ecommerce business, and much more.

Cryptitan supports almost all fiat currencies in the world, with Bank Account listings for both local withdrawals and deposits, which are tradable with any supported cryptocurrency. Exchange rates for each local currency can be manually entered or automatically retrieved from a reputable exchange rate provider.

It supports flexible KYC verification of your users, as well as the ability to limit trading volumes based on verification status, to ensure compliance with your local KYC & AML laws.

Our goal for Cryptitan is to introduce as many features as we believe are relevant for crypto traders, and we are committed to releasing updates with new and exciting features on a monthly basis to accomplish this. You can subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date on what’s new with each update.


The following features are supported by Cryptitan PHP Script:

Crypto Wallets

Cryptitan provides wallet functionality to registered users with unique receiving addresses by utilizing custodial wallet providers (such as BitGo) as well as self-hosted ethereum-based wallets.

P2P Trading

This feature connects cryptocurrency buyers and sellers. Users can trade with one another using a real-time chat system. The bidder is essentially free to set their own price and the types of payments they accept. Disputes are resolved by platform moderators, and after a successful trade, the administrator charges a certain percentage fee.

Crypto Exchange

Cryptitan allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrency using direct bank transfers or fiat payment gateways. Each trade is subject to a percentage fee set by the administrator.

Crypto Commerce

Cryptitan commerce is a SAAS-ready cryptocurrency payment solution for your online store. The following are some of its highlights:

  • A sophisticated dashboard for your cryptocurrency transactions. To accommodate various payment scenarios, generate single, multiple, and expiring links.
  • Payment Link: Create shareable links to request crypto payments from customers worldwide.
  • Payment API: Programmatically generate payment link on your e-commerce system with verification of payment status
  • Scan to Pay: Simplify payment requests by sharing a QR code.
  • Payment CRM: Manage records of one-time and recurring customers
  • Payment Commission: Earn passive income from transaction activities of merchants (end users) and much more.
  • Global payout: Funds can be withdrawn to an external crypto wallet or exchanged with other cryptocurrencies or fiat.
  • Receive with your Token: eCommerce payments can be accepted with both popular and less popular cryptocurrencies, including your own custom token.

Crypto Staking

Create flexible staking plans that allow users to lock in crypto holdings in exchange for annualized rewards or interest rates.

Payment Account

All supported currencies are tracked for user payment accounts, with bank account entry for local deposits and withdrawals.

Gift card Marketplace

Cryptitan supports giftcard marketplace listing, as well as checkout and payment fulfillment using users’ existing payment accounts.

KYC Verification

Cryptitan supports flexible KYC verification, allowing you to specify which documents are required and optionally set trading limits based on verification status.

Role-Based Administration

The super admin (first registered user) can delegate management activities by assigning specific administration roles to selected users.

Real-Time Notifications

Cryptitan sends email, SMS, and system notifications to users for every action they take. Under the user’s account settings, each notification type can be toggled.

Presence Status

The status of a user’s presence is updated in real time. This is either “online,” “away,” or “offline,” depending on their system activity.

Two Factor Authentication

2FA is integrated to provide users with an additional layer of security. This is accomplished using Google Authenticator, Authy, or any other 2FA-compatible application.

Market Charts

For the supported cryptocurrencies, a historical market chart is included.

Geo Location

The geo-location of your users is used to automatically track their activities and identify the region demography of your users.


Users can follow or be followed by trusted business partners. This will allow you to easily access trusted offers, or you can choose to limit offer visibility to trusted traders.

And much more…

The preceding list is not exhaustive. To experience the full power of Cryptitan, try the demo today. You can also subscribe to our mailing list to receive notifications on new and exciting features. We appreciate your interest and look forward to having you on board.

Download Cryptitan Nulled PHP Script

Cryptitan – Multi-featured Crypto Software & Digital Marketplace Free Download is a cryptocurrency exchange software with many features. You can host your very own business and generate passive income through commissions with the help of a variety of cryptocurrencies. The supported features range from Peer to Peer Trading with real-time chat support, dispute resolution, and direct bank transfer to Crypto Commerce (also known as Crypto Payment Gateway), a sophisticated crypto payment solution (with API) for your e-commerce business, among many others.


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