Dashkit 2.2.0 Nulled – Admin & Dashboard Template (Dark/Light)

Welcome to the world of Dashkit Template Nulled, where creating attractive and feature-packed admin panels and dashboards becomes a walk in the park! This sleek yet powerful template boasts an abundance of flexible components. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they’re also designed to blend seamlessly, enabling you to craft cutting-edge applications. So, let’s dive into what makes Dashkit a treasure trove for developers.

First Off, an Overview

Dashkit Template builds on the rock-solid foundation of the latest version of Bootstrap. This ensures high performance and compatibility. Moreover, it’s fully adaptable and works like a charm on all modern browsers. The template impressively houses over 100 pages, including various layout options, core example pages, and utility pages such as sign-up, sign-in, error, settings, and a whole lot more.

What sets Dashkit ahead of the pack is its keen eye for detail, from incorporating the elegant Cerebri Sans font to customizing Charts.js for neat, user-friendly charts and tooltips.

A Glimpse into the Dark Mode

Effortlessly flip between the classic light and the soothing dark themes. The Dark Mode inverts the color palette across the theme, giving your eyes a delightful, strain-free experience.

Navigations – Tailored to Your Taste

You have a buffet of choices with 5 site navigation layouts and 3 distinct color schemes, serving you an immense canvas for your creativity.

Customization and Workflow Made Simple with SASS & Webpack

Dashkit Template simplifies customization with the liberal use of SASS variables. Additionally, Webpack tools streamline development and compilation processes.

Delving Into the Features

Components Galore!

  • Dashkit Template breathes new life into Bootstrap’s core components by customizing them to align with its elegant style.
  • Custom Charts.js encompasses Line, Bar, Donut charts, and Sparklines.
  • Dashkit offers various card styles for users, projects, and teams.
  • Search, sort, and filter with ease using List.js.
  • Create feature-rich forms using the styled WYSIWYG editor, datepicker, input masking, multiselect, and file management.
  • Avatars come in a delightful range of sizes and shapes, complete with status indicators, groups, and initials.
  • Dashkit’s animated sidebar extends gracefully, banking on Bootstrap’s native modals.
  • The versatile “social post” component incorporates user actions and comments.
  • Feather icon font integrates smoothly.

Pages? You Bet!

  • Dashkit Template rolls out 3 spruced-up dashboard styles.
  • Profile, team, projects, settings, orders, invoice, pricing, social feed, and platform feed pages are ready for action.
  • Sign-up, sign-in, and forgot password options galore.
  • Error pages to keep things professional.
  • Drag and drop files with flair using the file uploader for both single and multiple files.
  • Page headers come loaded with buttons, tabs, avatars, cover images, and more.

Download Dashkit Admin & Dashboard Template

In essence, Dashkit is a dream come true for those seeking a versatile and visually appealing admin and dashboard template. With a staggering array of over 100 pages, myriad components, and extensive customization, it’s a goldmine for both developers and designers. Whether it’s a basic admin panel or a sophisticated dashboard you’re aiming to create, Dashkit’s cohesive design and rich features ensure your project is not just operational, but also downright stunning. So, why wait? Embrace Dashkit and unleash your creativity today!


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