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As more and more events are going online, the need for effective and efficient event management tools is skyrocketing. Among these tools, event calendar plugins for WordPress have become vital for event planning and management. They help you keep track of your events, inform your audience about upcoming activities, and manage your event-related data efficiently. EventON Nulled is one such plugin that stands out in this crowd, offering an impressive array of features.

EventON is a beautifully crafted event calendar plugin for WordPress that offers a clutter-free and minimalist design. With the latest industry design trends in mind, it delivers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes event management a breeze.

Boasting over 200 valuable features, EventON is the best-selling Event Calendar on CodeCanyon. From highly customizable repeating events and multiple event images to unlimited event creation and multiple calendar layout designs, EventON has got you covered. Plus, advanced features like multi-data types, language corresponding events, and more elevate your event management game to the next level.


Extensive Event Support

EventON supports single and multiple day events, events without an end day or time, all-day events, and the ability to duplicate events in wp-admin. You can even exclude certain events from the calendar or span events until the end time while hiding the end time. These features ensure that you can manage a wide range of events with ease.

Event Locations and Organizers

Set event location images, save locations for reuse, set event organizer contact information, and more. EventON even allows you to set a location by latitude and longitude, ensuring your attendees always know where they need to be.

Advanced Customizability

From customizing calendar month/year format, date and time formats, to the ability to add custom CSS styles via EventON settings, the plugin offers comprehensive customizability. You can also customize google maps interactive features and all data on event rows in the calendar.

Dynamic User Interaction

EventON offers various options for how a user can interact with an event. It also allows the creation of dynamic ‘load more’ pagination of events in the calendar, offering a smooth user experience.

SEO and Archiving

The plugin supports Schema SEO content for calendar events and the ability to auto-archive past events. It ensures that your events are easily discoverable online and organized efficiently.

Mobile and RTL Support

With mobile-specific user interaction features and right-to-left text support, EventON caters to a broad audience, ensuring a seamless experience for everyone.

Virtual Event Capabilities

With its latest versions, The plugin has incorporated features perfect for managing virtual events. You can assign virtual event locations, set various event status values, and choose an event attendance mode (online or physical). It even offers integration with Zoom for creating meetings.

Gutenberg Compatibility and Shortcode Generator

EventON is fully compatible with the Gutenberg editor, and it comes with a shortcode generator. This allows you to easily add and customize EventON functionality within your posts and pages.

Third-Party Integrations

EventON integrates with a range of third-party applications and APIs, including Font Awesome, Google Maps API, Google Fonts API, Moment.js, Elementor Widget, Gutenberg Block with EventON Shortcode Generator, WooCommerce, Zoom API, Paypal Basic, and Handlebars.js.

Download EventON WordPress Plugin

In the final analysis, EventON stands out as an outstanding event calendar plugin. It masterfully brings together usability, versatility, and pleasing aesthetics in one comprehensive package. Acting as a complete solution, it skillfully handles both in-person and virtual events. Owing to its extensive features, ease of use, and top-notch design, it carves a niche as a superior choice for WordPress users managing events.

Suppose you are a blogger hosting webinars, a business organizing online meet-ups, or a non-profit coordinating charity events. In that case, EventON emerges as the perfect pick. Its flexibility, rich feature set, and seamless WordPress integration make it a formidable option for all your event scheduling needs.

By selecting EventON, you can make your event management process effortless. This way, you can focus more on the main event and less on the back-end tasks. In simpler terms, choosing EventON is a wise decision that can streamline your event planning. With EventON in your toolkit, you can make event management smooth and simple. So, why wait? Make the wise choice today, opt for EventON, and transform your event planning experience.


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