Finale Pro 2.21.0 Nulled – Sales Countdown Timer & Discount for WooCommerce

Finale Pro WooCommerce Sales Countdown Timer & Discount Plugin allows you to create promotional campaigns that create a sense of urgency and scarcity. Scarcity and urgency are both powerful psychological triggers that motivate shoppers to act quickly to avoid missing out.

Finale Nulled can be used to run scheduled sales campaigns such as flash sales, seasonal promotions, coupon code led discounts, pre-launch offers, daily deals, faster shipping deadline campaigns, instant discounts, early bird deals, recurring offers, and other types of sales.


Finale can be used to create time-sensitive campaigns that prompt customers to enter their credit card information right away.

Meet the superpowers that will be granted to your WooCommerce store.

Run sales between two fixed times for a revenue boost

Set up seasonal or holiday promotions in your store. Choose the start, end, and time, as well as the discount amount.

Start your campaigns immediately or schedule them for later. There is no need to visit individual product pages to activate the campaigns. Your time is valuable.

Create Recurring Campaigns That Recur After A Set Interval

Do you want to create campaigns that run for a set period of time, then pause and restart automatically? Set the campaign’s start date, duration, pause period, and cut-off details.

There will be no more manually restarting campaigns. Run frequent sales that begin and end when you specify.

Use A Catchy Counter Bar To Show Depleting Stock Size

When an item is limited, people want to own it more. Through a persuasive ‘counter bar,’ inform your customers about the limited stock quantity.

Use it to demonstrate the rate of sales or stock depletion. Display enticing text templates such as ‘60% deal claimed’ or ‘7 out of 10 items sold out’.

Give customers a clear deadline to take advantage of the offer

Stop your customers from putting off making a purchase or deferring it. Set up a countdown timer and select a skin from a variety of options to match the colors of your store’s theme.

Set a deadline for the sale, eliminate procrastination, and watch the orders pour in.

Create an Eye-Catching Sticky Header/Footer

Set up elements that create urgency, such as catchy sticky headers and footers, to inform your visitors about ongoing campaigns. Offer them lucrative deals to entice them.

Activate the ‘call to action’ button to increase click-throughs to specific categories or product pages with special offers.

Stop Visitors In Their Tracks With Time-Bound Coupons

You provide coupons in the hope that visitors will use them to shop more. But they give it some thought. Display the coupon expiration date to compel them to act.

This simple technique will result in immediate sales because if they do not cash it on time, their savings will vanish…Poof!

Make Noise About Upcoming Products

Create excitement by displaying a countdown timer on upcoming items! Show visitors what you are hiding and get them excited!

Set the countdown timer so that when it reaches zero, the ‘Add to Cart’ button appears and the new arrival becomes available for purchase.

On cart pages, show a coupon expiry timer

Making coupon codes for special promotions? Finale allows you to give your coupon codes a deadline.

It also allows you to display the timer on the cart pages. This makes abandoning shopping carts excruciatingly painful!

Using 15 different rules, you can personalize your campaigns

Finale allows you to create rules based on 15 different conditions. Set up offers based on purchase category, item prices, buyer’s country, stock quantity, and more.

You will be astounded at the level of targeting you can achieve by writing your own rules.

Offer Early Bird Discount To Reward Fast Movers

With early bird discounts, you can kickstart your campaign to a rush of sales! Offer a fixed discount to the first ten buyers and gradually reduce the discount as more people buy. Or increase discounts as the campaign’s end date approaches.

Alternatively, raise prices as stocks fall. Let us go play!

Download Finale Pro Sales Countdown Timer & Discount for WooCommerce

Finale WooCommerce Sales Countdown Timer & Discount Plugin Free Download WordPress plugin is designed to help store owners run promotions and convert more visitors into buyers. It is for those who do not believe in the philosophy of “let us hope they will buy someday.” Instead, they want to take advantage of every opportunity to generate more orders.


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