Flexible Checkout Fields PRO WooCommerce 3.5.9 + 3.5.14 Nulled

We believe WooCommerce is the best WordPress ecommerce plugin. However, it lacks some very basic features, such as the ability to customize checkout fields with a checkout manager in an easy-to-use interface. You can do it with hooks and filters, but why bother when Flexible Checkout Fields PRO WooCommerce Nulled – WooCommerce Checkout Manager is available? You can edit the default fields (change labels, hide, delete) or add your own checkout fields using this single page checkout plugin.

Also, you can customize the order of the fields. There are numerous field types, such as checkbox fields, date fields, and color picker fields (some of them exclusively in the PRO version). Continue reading to see how simple and powerful it is to edit WooCommerce checkout fields with this plugin.

WordPress’s Look and Feel

Flexible Checkout Fields integrates seamlessly with the WordPress dashboard. It is most likely the most visually appealing checkout field editor for WooCommerce on the market. You can also do some impressive things with it.

Fields Order

To reorder checkout fields on the checkout page, simply drag and drop. You can rearrange both WooCommerce built-in fields and custom fields that you add yourself. Mix them however you want or need. Simply personalize the checkout process. If other plugins add custom fields, you will often be able to rearrange them (if added properly by the plugin author).

Labels And Placeholders

Do you want to change the name of your company to just Company or Your Awesome Company? Simply change the label, and it will appear in the checkout page right away. Pro tip: You can use HTML inside labels as well!

Do you want to show your customers how to fill out a checkout field? You can accomplish this with an explanatory placeholder (it will show inside the field). Enter your full company name, for example.

Show Or Hide Fields

Do you require a customer’s phone number or second line address? Simply hide the fields from the checkout and you’re done. This is only a mouse click away. Do you want to show it later? With another click, the field reappears. You can also validate emails and hide the WooCommerce price.

Show Checkout Fields on Other Pages

The fields are not limited to the checkout page. Simply check a specific checkbox under the “Display On” tab. You can use four different locations:

  • Thank You Page
  • My Account – address
  • My Account – Order
  • Emails

Required Or Optional Fields

This WooCommerce Checkout Editor allows you to easily control which fields are required and which are optional. Simply select a required checkbox in the field settings to make a field mandatory or optional. It works in both directions.

Custom CSS Class

Make your fields more visually appealing. By assigning a custom class to each field, you can then style it uniquely in your theme’s stylesheet.

Add New Woocommerce Custom Checkout Fields

With your new WooCommerce checkout customizer, you can add the following WooCommerce additional fields to your checkout page:

  • Multi-checkbox
  • Select
  • Multi-select
  • Radio
  • Radio with colors
  • Radio with images
  • Time
  • Date
  • File Upload
  • Hidden

Use Your Meta Names

Are you a developer? You are free to use any meta name you want. This is the name of the database field. Because of this function, you can easily integrate this WooCommerce plugin for one page checkout with your custom code.

Field Validation

WooCommerce supports phone number, email address (validate email), and postcode validation. We allow you to use this validation in new fields added to your store with this plugin.

Is standard WooCommerce validation insufficient? In this plugin, you can add your own validation to any field you create.

Multilanguage Ready

Flexible Checkout Fields PRO WooCommerce (checkout manager) is WPML and Polylang compatible, allowing you to translate field data to other languages.

Custom Field Sections

Are the Billing, Shipping, and Order sections insufficient? You can now add fields to the remaining 12 checkout sections. All sections and their corresponding hooks are listed below (hooks are only for developers’ reference – if you don’t know what hooks are, just ignore them and everything will work fine).

  • Before Customer Details
  • After Customer Details
  • Before Billing Form
  • After Billing Form
  • Before Shipping Form
  • After Shipping Form
  • Before Registration Form
  • After Registration Form
  • Before Order Notes
  • After Order Notes
  • Before Submit
  • After Submit

Conditional Logic For Shipping Methods

Enable conditional logic (show or hide) for fields based on shipping method selection.

Conditional Logic For Fields

Enable conditional logic (show or hide) for fields based on the values of other fields (checkbox, radio, select).

Conditional Logic For Products And Categories

Enable conditional logic (show or hide) for fields in the cart based on products and/or categories, for example:

  • Display the engraving field for the jewelry category.
  • Only show the delivery date option for physical products.
  • Display the VAT number for digital goods.
  • Address fields for digital goods should be hidden.

Download Flexible Checkout Fields PRO WooCommerce

Flexible Checkout Fields PRO WooCommerce Free Download allows you to edit, add new, or hide fields from the WooCommerce checkout form. It’s all about increasing conversions and providing a better user experience.


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