Front 2.1.1 – Admin & Dashboard Template Free Download

In an era where efficient and visually appealing web applications are critical for success, choosing the right dashboard and admin template is quintessential. Front – Admin & Dashboard Template Free Download, a premium Bootstrap-based product, stands out as a frontrunner in the domain. Let’s dive deep into the features, usability, and advantages that make Front an indispensable asset for developers and businesses alike.

Front Dashboard is a highly responsive, modern, and feature-rich Bootstrap Dashboard/Admin Template. It’s a versatile platform designed for web developers and professionals who wish to create striking web applications, dashboards, admin panels, or SASS based interfaces. With its plethora of components and pre-designed pages, Front is a powerful toolkit that promises an enriched and seamless web development experience.


Front Dashboard, created with flexibility and ease-of-use in mind, is built on the latest Bootstrap 5.x. The template extends the base components of Bootstrap to offer a highly customizable experience. The product boasts thoroughly customized SASS, Gulp automation tool, developer-friendly code structure, and comprehensive documentation with copy-paste snippets.

Moreover, Front is suitable for a wide audience and boasts a Landing Page, two Dashboards, and over 20 layout combinations. Its extensive libraries, workflow tools, and commitment to free updates ensure that Front is not just a product, but a long-term partner in your web application journey.


Varied Application Pages

Front – Admin & Dashboard Template Nulled comes with a rich set of application pages including Kanban, Calendar, Invoice Generator, File Manager, and more. Whether you’re managing projects or organizing schedules, there’s an app for it.

User and Account Management

User pages, including a modal panel, facilitate smooth creation, editing, and display of user data. Account pages cover everything from profile settings to billing and API keys.

Project Handling

An intuitive set of pages for handling projects, including a datatable list with a “Create New Project” modal panel. The engaging project overview page is equipped with charts and reports for comprehensive project management.

E-Commerce Solution

A set of 11 pages dedicated to e-commerce WebApp solutions.

Supporting Pages

Fourteen ready-to-use pages for content layouts including sign-in/sign-up, email, 2-step verification, error pages, and a welcome page.

Workflow Tools

Automate time-consuming tasks such as compiling SASS, minifying CSS, and JavaScript files.


Detailed guidelines for everything you see in Front Dashboard.

Exclusive Libraries

Front Dashboard boasts a plethora of powerful and flexible libraries including Bootstrap Icon set, Char.js, Circles.js, Clipboard, Datatables, Date Range Picker, Dropzone, Flatpickr, jsVectorMap, Leaflet.js, Quill, Advanced Selects, SortableJS, and exclusive in-house libraries crafted by Htmlstream.

Design Solutions

Front allows you to control the look and feel of your website. It includes responsive layouts/components, premium scalable vector graphics (SVG), dozens of header/navbar layouts with color variations, and hundreds of customizable UI components.

Download Front – Admin & Dashboard Template

Front – Admin & Dashboard Template is a one-stop solution for creating robust, efficient, and visually stunning web applications. With its plethora of features, libraries, and tools, Front stands as an unmatched resource in the web development domain. Whether you are a novice or an experienced developer, Front empowers you to build anything, ensuring your projects not only thrive but excel. Investing in Front Dashboard Admin Template is an investment in excellence.


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