GiveWP Premium 2.33.1 + All Addons

GiveWP Premium is the most popular, downloaded, and supported donation plugin for WordPress. GiveWP is ideal if you need a simple donate button or a powerful donation platform optimized for online giving.

Begin by transforming the way you accept online donations. Through customizable donation forms, GiveWP Premium Nulled allows you to accept donations for charity or other purposes. You can also view donor data and fundraising reports, manage donors, and integrate with a wide range of third-party gateways and services using our donation plugin.


GiveWP is intended to provide you with the best fundraising tools available on WordPress. Accept one-time and recurring donations, set campaign objectives, and much more.


  • Multiple Payment Gateways
    You have a choice of over fifteen payment gateways, including, Stripe, PayPal Pro, and others.
  • Full-Featured Reporting
    Using insightful charts and tables with key performance indicators, you can gain a complete understanding of the performance of your donation form.
  • Powerful Donor Management
    Directly on your WordPress website, keep track of your donors. Know who your top donors are and keep track of their contributions.
  • Complete Payment History
    When you allow donor registration and enable donor history access, it’s simple to provide any donor with their complete payment history.

Freedom & Control

  • Multiple Display Style Options
    Donation forms can be added to your WordPress site in a variety of formats, such as standalone pages, buttons, modal popups, and more.
  • Show Custom Goals
    With goal bars, you can instill fear of missing out or a sense of competition. Create your own goals to keep track of the amount raised or the number of donations.
  • Recurring Donation Subscriptions
    Allow donors to give on a recurring basis by setting up recurring donation subscriptions with custom frequencies and amounts.
  • Ability to Import and Export Data
    Keep your old fundraising platform data or import and export your data to add your previous donation history.

Integrations Galore

  • Accept Credit Cards On Site
    Create effective fundraising campaigns in WordPress. Accept one-time and recurring donations, set campaign objectives, and much more!
  • Host of Marketing Integrations
    With GiveWP fundraising marketing add-ons, you can connect to powerful marketing platforms like MailChimp and Constant Contact.
  • Salesforce NPSP Integration
    Improve your donor relationships by integrating your donation forms with your Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack.
  • Enhanced eCommerce Tracking
    Include the GiveWP Google Analytics add-on for tracking the performance of your donation forms and donor traffic behavior.

All The Add-ons

  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
    Allow your donors to raise funds for you by participating in peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns. Fans can launch their own campaigns, form teams, and compete to see who can raise the most money.
  • Text-to-Give Donations
    Mobile giving is on the rise, so give your donors as many ways to give on the go as possible with text-to-give donations.
  • Fee Recovery
    When you ask your donors to cover the fees, make sure you get every penny. More donors will sign up than you anticipate, boosting your annual fundraising revenue!
  • And Many More…
    Connect to marketing platforms, allow donors to give in honor of a loved one, and create funds and designations to give you even more control over your donation forms.

Download GiveWP Premium WordPress Plugin

Is GiveWP’s tagline “More Donations, Less Hassle” true?

After a few days of testing, I’d say it does. The developers have streamlined the process of creating professional donation forms and added numerous features to foster personal relationships, boost brand loyalty, and increase donations.

Even in the basic version of GiveWP, you can create a profile of all donors and donations, as well as analyze activity on the reports page. Premium marketing add-ons can be used to export donor information into email marketing services, accounting services, customer relationship managers, helpdesks, spreadsheets, and more for larger fundraising projects. As a result, GiveWP Premium Free Download is more adaptable than most other WordPress donation plugins on the market.


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