Greenshift Pro 6.7.7 Nulled + Latest Addons

Do you want to create high-quality animations and pages but are frustrated by the low performance of popular page builders in Google tests? This will be handled by Greenshift Pro Nulled.

Predefined styles, frameworks, icon fonts, and script libraries are not used by the plugin. Every asset is generated on the fly and loaded only when needed. Plugin also has very unique blocks and animation possibilities to surprise your visitors with high-end animations and transitions. Without any coding knowledge, you can create styles similar to those found on top-rated websites.


The Greenshift plugin includes all of the features found in popular page builders such as Divi, Elementor, and Visual Composer. However, we also decided to include a number of unique features that are not found in other plugins. Let me show you a few examples

Smart Loaders

There are many cool pages made in page builders that you can see. Problems that lower your web vitals score. Greenshift now includes the best solutions for maintaining maximum speed: conditional asset loading, no jquery, no dependencies, no icon libraries, intelligent library loaders

Use anywhere and dynamic loading

We understand that you cannot immediately migrate to Greenshift, but you may wish to use some of the blocks. This is why we switched from templates to shortcodes. Furthermore, we added Ajax loading on view trigger, click, and hover. Use it if your page is heavy and you want to improve page performance.

You can also use the Hover trigger to make conditional loading for mega menus or to hide something from search engines.

Smart scroll and carousel to anything

Do you want to convert regular columns to mobile scrollable blocks to mimic the look of mobile applications? This is now very simple.

On mobiles, convert any column to a scroll block.

You can also convert any item to a carousel or scrollable block.

Flexible Css Grid and Flexible container

When you need perfect equal columns, a modern CSS grid is far superior to columns. The plugin includes a CSS grid container. Allows you to add columns, duplicate them, merge them, remove them, set equal gaps, and so on.

You can also use the Flexible container option to perfectly align any items.

Do you require even more leeway? Check out our latest update, which includes the ability to control each child item of the CSS grid in order to create highly customized layouts.

Advanced Sliders and carousels

You can add images to posts using the gallery block, then convert them to sliders with extended functionality and a variety of sliding effects and options.

Grid Containers can also be converted to sliders.

3d Flipboxes

Each side of the flipbox can be controlled. Because they are both containers, you can fill them with whatever you want. Each block can be given a z transform to add strength for a 3D effect.

Shape dividers

Shapes can be added to the top or bottom of the block (or together). Sync them with the page’s background to create interesting effects. Gradients, half opacity, animation, offset, and position control can all be added to shape dividers.

Custom sliding panels and popups

You no longer need to install another plugin to create a popup, sliding panel, or mega menu. Sliding panel block is an all-in-one tool for creating your own panels and adding anything to them. It makes no difference whether you use it for a megamenu, a marketing popup, a cart, or a login form.

Parental Hover CSS transitions

This may appear simple, but in any other plugin, you can only add a hover effect to the element itself. In Greenshift, you can create your own hover effect that is triggered by hovering over the Parent block (including any depth). For example, when you hover over a card, you can reveal a hidden button. Using the Container link, you can create linkable animated banners.

Overlay transitions

Add a second background layer to the block. The difference between this layer and a regular background is that you can animate it and add hover and in view animations. There are numerous predefined options that you can combine to create unique effects.

Advanced Heading and Typography

This block is more than just a heading with color control. It’s all contained within a single text controller. Gradients, image masks, animated text highlighters, secondary title, additional elements, circled numbers (as in this post), and even heading sliders can be added.

You can also use Fluid Typography.

Animate anything

You are no longer limited to predefined animations. Add your own preference. Control any transform option, including opacity, origin point, delay, and time.

If that isn’t enough, use the Animation addon.

Query Loop Controller

The Query Loop core block is more than just a post block. It functions similarly to a constructor, and you can create your own post loop. You can make even more with the Query Controller option for Container block because it adds design controls that are not available in WordPress.

You can also change the query block to a carousel.

Query Addon is also useful if you want to have ready patterns for query blocks.

Use 3d models

Did you notice the possibility of displaying models directly in your room, such as furniture? You can now add this to your website without knowing any code. It supports the glb and gltf file formats.

Infinite animations

Add infinite CSS transformations to your blocks to add some simple magic. Allow your images to breathe.

3d shadows for text and blocks

Other plugins allow you to add shadow. The Greenshift plugin allows you to add three shadows at once.

Advanced Table of Content

You can add not only TOC, but also sticky TOC that is mobile optimized. The table of contents will be generated automatically based on the core heading blocks.

Advanced Responsive options

Control up to four breakpoints and add responsive features to your blocks.

You can also use modern Fluid typography and variable width.

Add tabs to anything

Tabs can be added to any block. Add images, subtitles, control the type of tabs, make them vertical, add a slider and an auto switch, and make tabs a scrollable block on mobile devices.

Set position with drag and drop

You’re aware of how limited WordPress core blocks are in terms of design and responsiveness. It’s time to change the way you use editor.

Buttons for body class and cookie saving
When the user clicks on the button block, assign cross-site save classes.

This can be used in a variety of situations:

  • To save the user’s selection when he closes the Exit Intent Popup
  • Display different layouts based on user preference (grid, list, etc)
  • To activate Night Mode
  • Ad blocks are used to conceal marketing.
  • to create elements based on user preferences

Download Greenshift Pro Nulled WordPress Plugin

GreenShift could quickly become your new favorite page builder. There are several useful blocks with a wide range of style options, flexible layout options, four unique breakpoints to optimize your design for different screen sizes, and built-in performance optimizations, all of which are a web designer’s dream.

Overall, GreenShift Pro Free Download is an excellent plugin that can significantly improve your WordPress website’s SEO performance. It’s simple to use, highly customizable, and packed with features to help you make the most of your SEO efforts. GreenshiftWP is a powerful plugin worth considering if you need to design a page.


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