Houzez Nulled – Real Estate WordPress Theme

The Houzez real estate theme is a multipurpose and adaptable theme for building real estate websites.

The theme includes various demos for quickly creating beautiful and feature-rich WordPress websites.

The theme is simple to use, very flexible, and includes basic customization options. So you don’t need to be a technical expert to use this theme and build your own website.

Houzez Nulled is one of the most popular WordPress Real Estate themes. It is also completely multipurpose.

This theme can be used to build a professional portfolio, a website for your real estate agency, or a real estate directory.

Theme Features

Discover what makes Houzez the most customizable and adaptable real estate WordPress theme.

Property Detail Page
New 30+ Elementor widgets to design awesome & responsive real estate detail pages

The most important page of an online real estate WordPress theme is the property detail page. As a result, with over 30+ widgets, you can create a page that is tailored to your preferences and needs.

Search Builder
Design the search system visually with the drag-and-drop search builder based on Elementor

Begin designing or customizing the property search engine by selecting one of our existing search templates or creating your own. As a result, you can build your search system with Elementor’s drag-and-drop builder.

Advanced Search System
Modern search system with multi-select options, geolocation and radius search

To get the most out of your marketing strategy, you need a modern search system with multi-select options, geolocation, and radius search.

Grid Builder
Create perfect layouts. Freehand draw grids for your presentations, infographics, and real estate page layouts

Grids are essential for displaying information on the screen. A grid directs the eye and makes page navigation easier. Grids, for example, assist you in creating layouts for presentations, infographics, and pages.

Listing Meta Composer
The listing composer allows you to choose which meta data or custom field to display on the listing cards

The listing composer is a unique tool for creating personalized listings. Assume you want to display the last three rentals on your property. You can also choose which meta data will be displayed on your listing card using the drag-and-drop interface.

The most advanced CRM system integrated on a real estate WordPress theme

Similarly to real estate, the CRM system tracks the level of service provided to each customer based on their needs. For example, tracking your customers is critical for any business’s long-term success. With our CRM, you will be able to collect customer information and follow up with them via email, phone, and so on.

Custom Leads Capture Forms
Design custom contact and inquiry forms to collect leads and keep a record of all information in the new Houzez CRM

Lead generation forms are critical. As a result, they assist you in gathering valuable information from potential customers, allowing you to improve your marketing strategy.

Property Management System
Brand new front-end property management system to drive all aspects of your real estate website

Manage all aspects of your company, including leasing, investments, and sales. Manage your customers’ property in particular to keep the property and its winnings in order.

Insight Property Data
Generate analytics and effective insight property data to know better your customers

Keep track of and stay informed about visitors, members, and agents to provide the best user experience possible by generating and reading progress reports with a few clicks and no special training.

Custom Fields Builder
Create unlimited custom fields​ and connect them to the search system

We understand that some of our listings may have outlandish or unusual features. As a result, you can now create that custom feature filter option to assist your potential leads in their search for that famous guitar-shaped pool.

Feature-rich Admin Panel
The most completed admin options panel. No coding knowledge is required to design your next real estate project

We developed the most feature-rich administrative panel to date. It specifically allows you to manage or edit anything on your site individually or by group, with no prior web knowledge required.

Property Management + Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in One Place

As a real estate WordPress theme, Houzez provides the most comprehensive set of integrated tools for property managers looking to run their business with unrivaled efficiency. We specialize in integrating Property Management and CRM systems for Real Estate Professionals, but we also provide lead generation, website management, and other services.

Amazing Flexibility
Custom drag-and-drop widgets to design your real estate website layouts

Elementor is a WordPress drag-and-drop page builder plugin. It, for example, allows you to build complex layouts by dragging and dropping elements anywhere on the page. It includes many pre-made templates, but it also includes some incredible drag-and-drop widgets that allow you to design any layout with minimal effort.

Fully responsive & mobile-friendly

Houzez is completely responsive and mobile-friendly. This means that all of the images in the property gallery, addresses, maps, and street views will render correctly. Furthermore, all of the real estate agency’s information, contact information, and details will be correctly rendered for any user who accesses your website via a smartphone or tablet.

Navigation options

A navigation bar allows visitors to go back, visit different pages of the site, and also navigate to the home page. This bar usually includes a search box, a logo, and links to all of the site’s pages. A drop-down menu with additional options such as a phone number, email address, hours of operation, and more may be included in the navigation bar.

Header options

One of the most important aspects of your website is the header. It can help define your brand while also giving your viewers an idea of what they’ll find if they dig deeper. That is why it is critical to personalize this section of your page to reflect your business.

Property detail page

The Property Detail Page can be configured to provide unrivaled control. For example, you can completely customize your property’s professional image to increase traffic and profits.

Real estate agents & agencies’ profile page

It should be noted that modern-looking agent and agency profile pages give you a much better chance of meeting your marketing objectives. They are effective because they are visually appealing and simple to use. These two pages also work together to provide a much better overall service to your clients and prospective clients.

Download Houzez WordPress Theme

The Houzez Real estate theme is completely multipurpose and includes all of the customization features you need to make your website look and function exactly how you want it to.

Furthermore, because of the custom fields and other features, you can use this real estate theme for any purpose. The Houzez theme has all the features you need to start small and gradually grow as you go.

Houzez is thus ideal for quickly and easily creating any type of real estate website.


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