Independent Analytics PRO 1.28.2 Nulled – Google Analytics Alternative for WordPress

In the age of increasing concerns about privacy, particularly in the realm of data analytics, there is a growing demand for tools that ensure user privacy while delivering top-notch functionality. Independent Analytics Nulled steps in as a perfect contender. Designed exclusively for WordPress, this GDPR-friendly website analytics plugin offers a compelling alternative to the popular Google Analytics.

Independent Analytics isn’t just another analytics plugin; it’s a comprehensive tool that integrates seamlessly with your WordPress dashboard, allowing you to monitor your website’s performance without having to toggle between multiple platforms. The true beauty lies in its PRO version, which takes analytics to another level, offering features such as Campaign URLs, Real-time analytics, and even WooCommerce integration.


  • Dashboard Within WP Admin: Say goodbye to switching between different tabs. Independent Analytics brings an all-inclusive dashboard right into your WordPress admin, displaying total views, visitors, and an interactive visual chart showcasing daily traffic. The data table is comprehensive, allowing you to track each visited page. The functionality extends to sorting and filtering data based on various parameters.
  • Full WordPress Integration: Unlike other tools that simply display URLs, Independent Analytics provides a page-based analysis. It means you see not just the URL but detailed metrics associated with it – title, author, publication date, categories, and more.
  • Effortless Tracking: One of the biggest pains of using an analytics tool is setting it up. But with Independent Analytics, the process is straightforward. Install the plugin, and you’re ready to go. No need to deal with tracking codes or third-party accounts.
  • Privacy and Compliance: In today’s stringent data protection environment, GDPR compliance is crucial. Independent Analytics stands out as a privacy champion. It neither uses cookies nor stores personal data. Furthermore, all the data remains on your server, which ensures you’re in full control.
  • Detailed Traffic Insights: The Referrer report lets you delve deep into understanding where your traffic originates. Be it other websites, search engines, or social platforms, you get a detailed breakdown.
  • Geolocation Insights: Understand your audience better with the Geolocation dashboard. It provides an interactive world map indicating where your visitors come from – right down to the city level.
  • Data Portability: The fact that all data is stored on your server ensures data portability. Whether it’s backing up, transferring, or exporting data, the process is uncomplicated.

Who is Independent Analytics PRO for?

  • Bloggers looking for insights on post views and traffic sources.
  • eCommerce stores eager to understand their audience better.
  • News websites desiring to identify their most-read authors.
  • Startups aiming to gauge the efficacy of their marketing strategies.


Independent Analytics PRO is not just an analytics tool but a holistic solution tailored for WordPress users. It provides a plethora of features, from an integrated dashboard, geolocation insights, to ensuring data portability. The additional advantages of GDPR compliance and its focus on privacy make it a sought-after choice. Whether you’re a blogger, an e-commerce business owner, or a startup enthusiast, Independent Analytics PRO caters to all, ensuring that data-driven decision-making is straightforward and efficient. For those on the fence, the current limited-time offer of 45% off should be an attractive incentive to make the switch.


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