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JNews is a theme that was created to be an all-in-one solution for all of your publishing needs. With JNews, you have an unlimited number of choices for building the most effective fully functional website. We provide 150+ Homepage Demos that are ideal for your News, Magazine, Blog, Editorial, and other types of publishing websites. Also included is an automatic import feature that allows you to replicate one of the JNews demos you like with a click of the mouse.

Building a website with JNews Nulled is simple and convenient. You can quickly create a landing page by utilizing the drag and drop capabilities in Header Builder, WPBakery, Elementor, and Customizer. JNews has fully integrated all of its elements into WPBakery Page Builder, including the Frontend Editor. JNews is also compatible with the free and pro versions of the Elementor plugin.


In full compliance with Google Core Web Vital, our code is optimized and lightweight, allowing it to load super quick. Improve your results on website speed testers such as Google Page Speed, Pingdom, GTmetrix, WebPageTest, and Web Dev by using the best cache plugins, site settings, and page contents. JNews strongly supports Google AMP and Facebook Instant Article, which will speed up your website on all smartphones.

SEO has evolved into one of our primary concerns. We show our dedication by utilizing the JSON LD structured data rich snippet (rich result) that Google recommends for the best SEO results. Through furthermore, we offer compatibility with many SEO aspects. These features will greatly enhance the SEO of your on-the-fly content.


JNews also provides a variety of revenue-generating possibilities. Advertisement with Google Ads & AdSense, Online Store with WooCommerce, Paid Post Submission, Paywall & Paid Content Subscriptions, Sponsored Posts, or Marketing Affiliate link or referral using JNews Review system are all options. It includes fully responsive Google AdSense, Page Level Ads, and Google AMP Ads to ensure that your ads appear properly across all devices and screen sizes.

Theme Features

Explore All of JNews’ Awesome Features.

  • Category Page builder
    Using the visual builder, you can customize category, tag, and other archive pages.
  • Homepage Builder
    Create your homepage layout with the visual editor provided by JNews.
  • Header Builder
    Create a real-time website header with simple Drag & Drop interaction.
  • Mega Menu Builder
    Create your own Mega Menu Design in JNews using the visual editor.
  • Single Layout Builder
    Create a distinct post layout to create better stories for your website’s readers.
  • Footer Builder
    Using a visual builder of your choice, you can easily create your own website footer.
  • Page Builder
    JNews supports a wide range of page builder plugins.
  • Shortcode Generator
    Using the Shortcode Generator, you can place JNews modules anywhere.
  • Archive Page Builder
    Using the visual builder, you can customize category, tag, and other archive pages.
  • Yellow Pencil Style Editor
    Customizing your website has never been simpler. Change the font style, color, and other CSS elements in real-time and see the effect immediately.
  • Gutenberg Support
    Gutenberg is fully supported by JNews. Gutenberg is more than just an editor. The project will have a long-term impact on the publishing experience, including customization.


JNews+ comes with a complete built-in system that caters to each individual’s needs, as well as a fully functional demo.

  • Paywall System
    Simple way to increase your revenue. Access to your premium content should be restricted, and it should be monetized through paid subscriptions.
  • Pay Writer System
    The JNews+ Pay Writer system makes it simple to keep track of writer payments.
  • Custom Podcast System
    Podcasting system with a customized Single Podcast page and Single Episodes with an audio player built in.
  • Video-Based Website
    JNews is jam-packed with features and a full built-in system for video website needs.

Publishing Essentials

JNews features that provide you with everything you need to publish your content on your website with minimal effort.

  • Truncated Mobile
    This feature will automatically convert your articles into highly engaging content.
  • Autoload Next Post
    Continuous scrolling articles keep visitors on your site while increasing views.
  • Pay-To-Submit
    Using the Pay-To-Submit feature, you can attract more visitors to your site and earn more money.
  • Sticky Video Player
    You can make the featured video in a single post article float as the user scrolls.
  • Push Notification
    Inform your subscribers that you have added new content to your website.
  • Split Post
    Use this feature to divide long articles into multiple pages with pagination.
  • Multiple Author Post
    Show multiple authors (co-authors) for a single post. Co-authored posts are combined into a single post.
  • Reading Progress
    A great way to keep your readers from leaving because you have a lot of content to read.
  • Inline Related Post
    Show your readers additional related posts in your article to increase engagement.
  • Google AMP Article
    Increase engagement by using Google AMP and Facebook Instant Article.
  • Sponsored Post
    Increase the value of your content by allowing advertisers to pay you to publish it.
  • Subscribe to Download
    After a successful subscription, send files via email.

Flexibility in Design

There is no limit to your creativity when using JNews features to design every element of your websites.

  • Dark Mode Switcher​
    Dark Mode Switcher with Auto-Switching enabled the dark theme either automatically or manually.
  • A Complete Premade Layout Design
    To save time, JNews offers a variety of premade designs and layouts in the Header, Footer, Single Post, and Category Page.
  • Multilingual Support
    Begin attracting audiences from all over the world with JNews that support Polylang.
  • Scrolling Mobile Menu
    Create visual narratives with engaging animations and tappable interactions in no time.
  • Custom Website Width​
    Another level of adaptability on JNews. Customize the width of your website using the Customizer.
  • Web Stories
    Create visual narratives with engaging animations and tappable interactions in no time.
  • Personalize Text Side
    Gives your visitors the option to resize your text and other post elements.
  • Food Recipe
    Using our in-house Food Recipe plugin, you can add recipes to any of your posts.

Speed Up Conversion

JNews optimizes your website and provides a comprehensive set of tools to help you attract more visitors.

  • Proven SEO friendly
    JNews is designed with SEO performance in mind, both for mobile and desktop. We carefully examine each tag to ensure that JNews has a high SEO performance.
  • Core Web Vitals
    Google will introduce web vital as a ranking signal in 2021. We introduce boost mode, which will improve several critical web criteria.
  • Mobile Friendly
    With our element, you can make your website more friendly to mobile visitors.
  • Lazy Loaded Image
    This technique can reduce the size of a website by half on the first load.
  • Enhanced Ads & Affiliates
    JNews integrates Review System with affiliate link and has built-in Google Adsense support.
  • Custom Gallery with Ads
    The built-in WordPress Gallery improves image presentation and includes the option to display advertisements.
  • Select and Share
    Allow your readers to choose and share text from your blog posts on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Social Share
    A complete theme that includes all of the tools required to create a website.

Download JNews Theme WordPress

The JNews theme free download is very well designed. It’s a great blogger theme, which is exactly what it was designed for. I’d like to see more Woocommerce options, as that would turn it into a high-quality multipurpose theme.


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