LifterLMS 7.2.0 Nulled + Addons (Universal Bundle)

LifterLMS Nulled is a safe WordPress LMS plugin loaded with features for creating and selling courses online.

Transform your WordPress website into a professional eLearning platform with every LMS feature you could want.


To start, we’ll go over all features that LifterLMS offers.

Create Courses

LifterLMS help online course creators in monetizing their expertise and life experiences by creating impactful courses.

  • Multimedia Lessons
    With video, audio, text, image-based lessons, and more, you can appeal to a variety of learning styles.
  • Quizzes
    Create dynamic multimedia quizzes to reinforce learning or assess material competency.
  • Course Builder
    With the intuitive multi-tier drag and drop course builder, you can easily create online courses from a single screen.
  • Drip Content
    By making lessons available over time, you can protect your learner focus and future recurring revenue.
  • Prerequisites
    Require the successful completion of one lesson or even a course before unlocking another.
  • Course Tracks
    Provide degree programs or certifications upon completion of a sequence of courses.
  • Assignments
    Manual grading assignments will be available soon as an advanced add-on.
  • Quiz Timer
    Set a time limit for a quiz so that students can demonstrate their learning within a certain amount of time.
  • Student Dashboard
    Front-end student profiles allow students to keep track of their activities and stay organized.
  • Multi Instructor
    If you teach in groups, create a multi-instructor platform and even assign multiple instructors to a course.
  • Lesson Downloads
    Offline learning can be enhanced with downloadable worksheets, ebooks, PDFs, audios, and other files.
  • Course Import
    Import a LifterLMS course from one site to another for migration, licensing, and other purposes.
  • Course Export
    Export a LifterLMS course from your website with a single click for migration, licensing, backups, and more.
  • Instructional Design
    Allow the software to guide you in organizing and structuring the most engaging online courses.
Other Features
  • Form Integrations
    Add form plugins to collect assignments, contact messages, and other data, among other things.
  • Graphics Pack
    Get gorgeous royalty-free certificate backgrounds, achievement badges, and more.
  • Course Reviews
    Increase course sales by gathering testimonials and honest course reviews.
  • Discussion Areas
    Take advantage of a variety of discussion areas, such as lesson comments, forums, private coaching areas, and timelines.

Earn Money

LifterLMS Free Download assists you in developing a profitable teaching business or membership site.

  • Credit Card Payments
    With simple conversion-optimized credit card payments, you can control your platform and revenue.
  • One-Time Payments
    For your courses or memberships, you can charge whatever you want, including simple one-time fees.
  • Recurring Payments
    With flexible recurring payment options, you can ensure business sustainability and continuous cash flow.
  • Payment Plans
    Increase course sales by offering a payment plan so that people can spread the cost out if necessary.
  • Unlimited Pricing Models
    Access Plans is a powerful pricing and access engine that allows you to sell and restrict access however you want.
  • PayPal
    Sell your courses or memberships globally via PayPal for one-time or recurring payments.
  • Subscriptions
    Sell subscriptions to your learning platform and earn recurring revenue in exchange for providing recurring value.
  • Checkout
    With our elegant conversion-optimized one-screen checkout, you can capture online course and membership sales.
  • Free Courses
    Provide free courses in order to generate leads or simply because your courses are not intended to be sold.
  • Course Bundles
    Increase revenue and learner impact by creating and selling course bundles.
  • Private Coaching Upsells
    As an add-on to training courses, provide private content, coaching, and conversations tailored to each student.
  • Other Bundles
    Memberships can be used to include additional benefits in addition to courses and coaching at higher price points.
  • Coupons
    Coupons can be used to increase purchasing activity through sales, affiliate promotions, partial scholarships, and other means.
  • Affiliate Ready
    Increase revenue by making it simple for an army of affiliate marketers to sell for you in exchange for a commission.
  • Native Sales Pages
    Create stunning sales pages for your course or membership without the use of landing page software.
  • Offline Sales
    Pay for your LifterLMS-powered courses offline or through a different system.
  • Bulk Sales
    With this powerful voucher system, you can sell your courses in bulk to a business, institution, school, and more.
  • Customizable Enrollment
    Choose what information to collect from your students as they enroll in your program so that you have everything you need.
  • Country and Currency
    LifterLMS is committed to educating entrepreneurs worldwide, so you can sell from any country and in any currency.
  • Preselling
    To validate your idea or to offer prelaunch pricing, offer courses for sale before they can be accessed.
  • Ecommerce Dashboard
    Create custom reports for business intelligence and accounting purposes by easily reviewing sales analytics.
  • Credit Card Management
    It is simple for your customers to update their credit cards, ensuring that they continue to have access and that you continue to be paid.
  • Payment Switching
    For maximum payment flexibility, your customers can switch from credit card to PayPal or vice versa.
  • Order Management
    Manage every order detail to keep your cashflow and your customers’ financial needs under control.

Offer Memberships

LifterLMS is a full-service membership management system that does so much more.

  • Sitewide Membership
    Create a traditional membership site where everything except the sales page is restricted to members.
  • Course Bundles
    Increase revenue by creating memberships that include course bundles.
  • Traditional Memberships
    Create an infinite number of memberships to restrict access to any content, courses, or other benefits.
  • Automatic Enrollment
    Make it a point for your members to be automatically enrolled in some or all courses when they check out.
  • Content Restrictions
    With simple membership lockdown options, you can restrict access to specific courses, pages, blog posts, forums, and more.
  • Members-Only Pricing
    Make paid memberships more valuable by offering different course pricing than the general public.
  • Private Group Discussion
    Membership groups can be used to create private group discussions about a course.
  • Members-Only Forums
    Increase revenue by limiting access to valuable forums to specific membership levels.
  • Bulk Course Enrollment
    Maintain recurring revenue by enrolling existing members in newly added courses with a single click.

Engage Your Students

LifterLMS places a strong emphasis on engagement and assisting you in developing courses that students enjoy and complete.

  • Achievement Badges
    Gamification of earned achievement badges can make your online course progress addictive.
  • Certificates
    Provide printable certificates for skills, training, and continuing education requirements, among other things.
  • Personalized Email
    Send personalized custom emails to learners based on their behavior in your learning platform.
  • Private Coaching
    For maximum income potential and learner outcomes, provide private 1:1 content, coaching, and discussion.
  • Social Learning
    Increase conversation and completion rates by leveraging the power of a “Facebook-like” community on your site.
  • Text Messaging
    Engage your students and prospects by sending them personalized text messages to their smartphones.

Integrate the Tools Required

LifterLMS allows you to collaborate with third-party tools without creating a disjointed software. Frankenstein

  • Payment Gateways
    Receive payment for your courses, memberships, or programs via the world’s best payment gateways.
  • Email Marketing
    Create that lovely email list and integrate it with world-class email marketing tools.
  • Forums
    Benefit from curated topic-based conversations that are easily integrated into forums.
  • Mobile Friendly
    Mobile-friendly responsive design ensures that your website looks great on mobile, tablet, desktop, and large screens.
  • Use Any WP Theme
    LifterLMS is compatible with any well-coded WordPress theme, giving you a plethora of design options.
  • Compatibility
    LifterLMS is designed to meet the highest coding standards and to be compatible with other tools.
  • Authoring Tools
    Add to your website lesson, course, or quiz content created with third-party elearning authoring tools.
  • CRM
    Sync your courses and memberships with the best Customer Relationship Management tools available.
  • Tin Can API
    Integrate with a Tin Can Experience API service, manage competencies, use H5P, elearning content, and more.

Control Your Platform

It is incredible how LifterLMS allows you to manage and control your own online school from a basic WordPress website.

  • Detailed Reporting
    Beautifully customizable sales, enrollment, and student reports to view and download the information you need.
  • Gradebook
    Examine your students’ progress based on completion rates, quiz scores, and overall grades.
  • Bulk Enrollments
    Add students to your courses manually or send them activation codes so they can enroll in bulk.
  • Student Management
    View student reports, enroll students in new courses, remove students, provide quiz retakes, and more.
  • Access Management
    Allow access to your courses and memberships for a lifetime, a limited time, recurring payments, and more.
  • Email Notifications
    Receive personalized emails when certain events occur, such as new sales, quiz failures, course completions, and more.
  • Web Design Management
    Looks great inside any website design and provides powerful tools for design control without coding.
  • Branding
    Control the look and feel of your platform to ensure it matches your company’s culture and style.
  • Typography
    Choose from over 600 Google Fonts for your site’s text so that it matches your brand and signature style.
  • LMS Roles
    Create a website team comprised of LMS managers, instructors, instructor’s assistants, and students.
  • Security
    Keep your valuable learning materials safe and secure so that only those who need to see them can do so.
  • Require Terms
    Before enrolling in your courses, require participants to agree to your terms and conditions.
  • Scalable
    From a single course and a single student to a massive online school with tens of thousands or millions of students
  • Layout
    Customize your website’s header, footer, sidebars, site width, component placement, and more.
  • Testing Tools
    Examine specific quiz attempts and, if desired, allow students to retake quizzes with limitations.

Keep Your Content Safe

LifterLMS allows you to restrict access to your content to those who are supposed to see it at the appropriate time.

  • Course Protection
    The course content is protected by default, so only enrolled students can access the lessons and other materials.
  • User Accounts
    New students have their own account on your website, so their experience is unique.
  • Members-Only Content
    Only active members should be able to view and interact with any content on your website.
  • Restricted Access
    Redirect non-members with personalized messages to where they can join the membership to gain access to specific content.
  • Password Management
    Allow students to create their own passwords for your website and reset them if they forget them.
  • Self-Hosted
    Avoid paying expensive monthly fees and own your learning platform, giving you complete control and flexibility.

Download LifterLMS WordPress Plugin

LifterLMS Free Download is without a doubt one of the best WordPress LMS plugins. It has a breadth of functionality that most others do not, and it also nails the membership aspects of online courses, which not all plugins do well.

I have no hesitation in recommending this one in terms of functionality, and the reviews on show that the majority of people agree with me. At the time of writing, it had a 4.8-star rating (out of 5).


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