Mass Site Visitor v2.2 Free Download – the most feature-rich traffic bot

The online landscape is rapidly evolving, and with it, the need for sophisticated tools to understand and influence web traffic. Enter Mass Site Visitor Free Download (MSV), an advanced traffic bot that is a game-changer in the realm of website traffic generation. It’s not just about sheer volume; MSV ensures that your traffic appears as genuine as possible. By employing a suite of robust features, MSV offers unparalleled control over how your web traffic behaves, mimicking real user interactions in a way that has never been achieved before.


Mass Site Visitor is a powerful tool, uniquely crafted to generate high volumes of traffic to selected websites. Instead of simply flooding a website with hollow numbers, MSV operates intelligently, utilizing a list of proxies and running automated browser sessions on your PC. It’s like having an army of virtual users navigating websites, clicking on links, scrolling pages, and interacting with elements—all from the comfort of your computer. The beauty of MSV lies in its ability to recreate genuine user behaviors, ensuring that your web analytics capture more than just hits, but meaningful engagements.

Key Features

Let’s delve deeper into what makes MSV stand out:

  • Auto-Random Clicking and Scrolling: Simulate authentic user interactions with ease. Decrease your bounce rate as MSV automatically clicks and scrolls, giving the appearance of genuine interest and interaction.
  • JavaScript Referrer Spoofing: Manipulate Google Analytics traffic sources, giving you more control over how your traffic sources appear.
  • Chromedriver: Use the non-headless browser to influence view counts on media sharing sites. It’s a powerful tool especially when wanting to boost video or audio playbacks.
  • Proxy Testing: Ensure your proxies are up and running with the proxy test feature.
  • Private Proxy Support: Get detailed instructions for setting up private proxy authentication, ensuring your traffic remains anonymous and diverse.
  • Custom Browser Dimensions: Tailor the dimensions of your automated browsers, offering flexibility in how your site is viewed.
  • Firefox Geckodriver: A great alternative when Chrome doesn’t cut it, with enhanced stability on the Nightly version.
  • Alexa Toolbar Integration: An experimental feature that works best with Firefox Nightly, it adds another layer of genuine-looking traffic interaction.
  • Multiple Destination Points: Send traffic to various websites in a single session, broadening your impact.
  • Enhanced Link Interaction: Even if a link is embedded within another site (iframe), MSV has the capability to engage with it, ensuring no interaction is left behind.

Download Mass Site Visitor Traffic Bot Software

In our fast-paced digital world, staying ahead means using innovative tools. Mass Site Visitor stands out, not just as a traffic bot, but as a transformative tool for web traffic. If you aim to boost engagement or increase views, MSV offers the features and simplicity you need. With MSV, you don’t just join the digital race; you lead it.


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