One Click Upsell Funnel For WooCommerce Pro 3.6.8 Nulled (WP Swings)

Merchants can use One Click Upsell Funnel for WooCommerce Pro Nulled by WP Swings to create exclusive post-purchase upsell offers. You don’t need to know how to code to create highly responsive one-time offer pages in just a few clicks. Customers can accept and purchase post-checkout offers without entering their payment information again. This can result in satisfied customers, increased Average Order Value (AOV), customer retention, and increased sales.

Include as many WooCommerce upsell offers as you want; if the first one is declined, you can offer a more appealing deal. Whether you use pre-built templates or customize them, Woocommerce post-purchase upsell will always be popular!

  • Upselling funnels are triggered on specific products or product categories.
  • Creates offers based on categories or products.
  • Accept payments through primary payment gateways or product categories.
  • Create one-time upsell offers using page builders and no coding.
  • Display upsell offers after checkout that your customers can take advantage of with a single click.


Top Benefits of WooCommerce Upsell:

Build Custom Templates From Scratch

In addition to the predefined templates, you can now create your own templates from scratch based on your preferences. You can also use the Elementor editor to create your own template with the WooCommerce upsell plugin. With these custom designs, you can ensure that your business is effectively spread.

Unlimited Post-Purchase Funnels

A post-purchase funnel allows you to increase the amount of money you make right away from each customer. This feature allows you to create an unlimited number of WooCommerce upselling funnels that activate after the customer purchases the product; there is no limit to the number of upsells and downsells you can create. It is easier to set up and provides a higher ROI.

Add the Shipping Price on COD

Make it easier for your customers to pay with cash by including the Shipping price on Cash on Delivery while using the WooCommerce one-click checkout. This can then be used to increase your AOV with upsells and quantity offers by providing them with a detailed account of each penny added on.

Control Customer Behavior using Additional Offers

The admin can use this feature to track where customers are going after accepting or rejecting the post-checkout offer and control their actions accordingly by redirecting them to another upsell offer after they accept or reject the previous one.

Smart Offer Upgrades

By enabling this smart offer upgrade feature, you can offer an upgraded product to customers after they have completed their purchase. The current product (which the customer is purchasing) is replaced with the offer product with smart offer upgrade as soon as the customer accepts the upsell offer.

Create Global Funnels

Merchants can create “global funnels” that are unrelated to a specific product or category. If you want to always trigger this funnel, make sure you enable global funnels. You can always use this feature if you want to present an upsell offer to your customers every time they make a purchase from your WooCommerce store.

Pre-built Mobile Responsive/Optimized Templates

The admin can select any one of four pre-built offer page templates for your upsell offers. The pre-built mobile-friendly templates from One Click Upsell are fully customizable using Elementor and other page builders. This will undoubtedly boost conversions!

Supported Product Types

This feature allows you to create as many one-time WooCommerce upsell offers as you want for variable products, bundled products, subscription products, or simple products. This will broaden the range of products available to your customers.

Smart Skip Offer

Smart skip is a worldwide feature. If the customer has already purchased the product being offered, this smart skip offer feature ensures that the WooCommerce upsell is skipped. Buyers will only see the Offer if they haven’t already purchased the offer product, either directly or through an upsell.

Multiple Payment Gateways

WooCommerce one-click upsell is compatible with a variety of popular payment gateways, including WooCommerce Stripe, WooCommerce Standard PayPal, Braintree, Square, Mollie, and others, allowing you to pay for upsells with a single click. Increase AOV by creating upsells with a one-click payment gateway.

Exclusive One-Time Offer

Because of the exclusive one-time offer, the WooCommerce upsell funnel is only shown to customers once, whether they accept or reject it. This works with the order billing email, which means that customers will only see the funnel offers once based on their order email, making them unique.

Control Customer Behavior

To improve your customers’ purchasing experience, decide where they will go after accepting or rejecting the post-checkout offer. In a nutshell, you can direct your customers’ actions by redirecting them to a different upsell offer after they accept or reject the previous one.

Shortcodes for Upsell Offer

If you’re a coding whiz, you can use shortcodes to create a page that displays your post-purchase upsell offers. Shortcodes for Buy Now, No Thanks, Product Title, Description, Short Description, Image, Price, Variations, Offer Quantity, and Urgency Timer are included in the plugin.

Funnel Sandbox mode

In sandbox mode, our WooCommerce Upsell plugin allows you to view and customize sales funnel offer pages. You can test your funnel and every element of the offer page in Sandbox mode before going Live. In the sandbox mode, the upsell funnel only triggers for admins, not live customers.

Integration With Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel

With One Click Upsell, you get a detailed report for each funnel. This report contains the total number of triggers for each individual funnel, allowing you to determine which funnels are most appealing to your clients and which are not. We also made our WooCommerce upselling plugin Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel compatible. As a result, all sales from the upselling funnels can be efficiently tracked.

Download One Click Upsell Funnel For WooCommerce Pro

One Click Upsell Funnel For WooCommerce Pro Free Download WordPress Plugin enables you to make an unlimited number of one-click upsells, cross-sells, down-sells, one-time offers, sales funnels, and unique customized offers with the WooCommerce one-click upsell plugin, boosting sales and average order value (AOV) unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.


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