Phoenix 1.7.0 Nulled – Admin Dashboard & WebApp Template

phoenix – admin dashboard & webapp template free download

Phoenix – Admin Dashboard & WebApp Template Nulled is a groundbreaking and innovative product created by the renowned core ThemeWagon team. With an illustrious lineage including Falcon, Falcon React, and Sparrow, Phoenix aims to supersede its predecessors by incorporating the best of the team’s decade-long experience in UX/UI design, as well as invaluable feedback from thousands of satisfied customers. The template has been meticulously crafted to be visually stunning, highly functional, and with a solid and well-documented codebase that is easily modifiable.

Additionally, Phoenix is search engine optimized, fully responsive, and compatible across browsers, making it an ideal choice for creating admin dashboards and web applications that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also performant and SEO-friendly.

Phoenix Features

Core Technologies

  • Built on Bootstrap 5: As a product built on the latest version of Bootstrap, Phoenix guarantees a modern and streamlined web development process.
  • CSS3 & HTML5: Utilizes the latest standards of CSS and HTML, ensuring that the templates are modern, functional, and compliant with current web standards.

Design and Layout

  • Clean & Minimal Design: The design is clean and minimalistic, focusing on usability and aesthetics.
  • Dark and Light Modes Enabled: Switch with ease between dark and light themes to cater to different preferences or use cases.
  • Full-Width Layouts: The full-width layout option ensures that your content takes center stage.
  • Modular Markup Based on Cards & Utility Classes: Create organized and scalable designs with modular markup that utilizes cards and utility classes.

Responsiveness and Compatibility

  • Fully Responsive: Phoenix template is designed to be fully responsive to all screen sizes and devices, including retina screens.
  • Cross-Browser Tested & Optimized: Ensures compatibility and optimization across different web browsers.
  • No jQuery Dependencies: The absence of jQuery dependencies ensures a lightweight and fast experience.

UI Components and Plugins

  • 100+ Sets of UI Components: A vast array of UI components that are functional and customizable to meet various needs.
  • 35 Sets of Plugins: Including redesigned popular plugins for added functionality.
  • 3 Sets of Icons: FontAwesome 6 Icons Fonts, Feather Icons, and Unicons are integrated into the template.

Additional Features

  • Functional ChartJS, Echarts & Leaflet Maps: Integration with ChartJS, Echarts, and Leaflet Maps for creating interactive charts and maps.
  • Figma Design File: Design files in Figma format are included.
  • Gulp & Rollup-Based Workflow: Streamline and enhance your development workflow using Gulp and Rollup.
  • Compatible with WebPack: Flexibility in using WebPack for asset bundling and optimization.
  • W3C-Validated HTML Pages: Ensures that HTML pages adhere to W3C standards.
  • Lifetime Free Updates: Receive free updates for life, ensuring that your template is always up-to-date with the latest features and improvements.
  • In the Box: 184 HTML files, JavaScript source codes, CSS & SCSS source codes, Pug source codes, demo images & videos, all plugins & libraries, documentation, and design files.

Download Phoenix Admin Template

Phoenix – Admin Dashboard & WebApp Template is an unparalleled offering for web developers and designers looking to create impeccable and high-performing admin dashboards and web applications. Its blend of a clean and minimalistic design, extensive features, high responsiveness, and solid codebase makes it an exceptional choice. Whether you are looking to create an admin panel, a dashboard, or any other web application, Phoenix’s feature-rich template, combined with lifetime free updates and a robust support ecosystem, makes it the ultimate tool for web development. Invest in Phoenix today and elevate your web development projects to unprecedented heights.


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