Price By Quantity For WooCommerce 1.0.5 Nulled

Harnessing the power of pricing to drive sales is a strategy that retailers have been using for ages. With the advent of e-commerce, this strategy has evolved, and now, WooCommerce store owners have a plethora of options at their disposal. One such remarkable extension that streamlines pricing and helps to enhance sales is Price By Quantity For WooCommerce. This extension is an absolute game-changer for those looking to tap into the wholesale market or incentivize bulk purchases through quantity-based discounts. Here, we will take a detailed look into what makes Price By Quantity For WooCommerce Nulled a must-have for your online store.


Price By Quantity For WooCommerce is an extension designed to optimize the pricing strategy of your WooCommerce store. It empowers you to set different prices for different quantity ranges, allowing customers to see how prices change as the number of items in their cart increases or decreases. This is particularly useful for wholesalers or retailers looking to offer discounts on bulk purchases.

The extension boasts an intuitive interface, allowing you to display products in pre-defined pricing table layouts. You can choose from three different layouts – hover pricing table, horizontal, and vertical layout. This flexibility ensures that you can showcase your quantity-based discounts in a manner that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. The pricing tables make it incredibly easy for customers to view and understand the quantity-based discounts, and they can effortlessly change the quantity to see the corresponding discounted price in real-time.


Offer Quantity-Based Discounts for Bulk Purchases

Encourage your customers to buy more by offering attractive discounts on bulk purchases. This feature is pivotal in increasing sales, especially for wholesalers.

Create Unlimited Rules for Quantity-Based Pricing

There is no limit to the number of pricing rules you can set. Customize your pricing strategy to suit the needs of different products or categories.

Individual and Category-Based Pricing

Have the freedom to set quantity-based pricing for each product individually or broadly for categories. This feature provides granular control over pricing strategies.

Auto Price Change Based on Product Quantity

As customers change the quantity of items in their cart, the prices automatically update according to the predefined rules, providing a dynamic shopping experience.

Set Minimum and Maximum Quantity

Define the minimum and maximum quantity that customers can purchase, ensuring that your stock levels are manageable and in line with your business strategy.

Restrict Checkout Based on Quantity

Prevent customers from checking out if their cart doesn’t meet the minimum or exceeds the maximum quantity criteria. This ensures adherence to your store’s policies.

Supports Three Pricing Table Layouts

Choose from three different pricing table layouts – hover, horizontal, and vertical – to best showcase your quantity-based discounts.

Customizable Display Options

Decide where the pricing table will be displayed on the product page. You can also show or hide the pricing table and summary table, and add custom text before and after the pricing table for added context.

Supports Simple and Variable Products

Whether your product range is simple or has various options and attributes, Price By Quantity For WooCommerce has got you covered.

Download Price By Quantity For WooCommerce

Price By Quantity For WooCommerce is an exceptional extension that can fundamentally transform the pricing strategy of your WooCommerce store. Its extensive features offer the flexibility and control that is essential for an optimized pricing model, particularly for wholesalers or retailers who wish to encourage bulk purchases.

By implementing this extension, store owners can provide an interactive and informative shopping experience to their customers. The dynamic pricing tables not only educate customers on potential savings but also incentivize them to add more items to their cart, ultimately leading to increased sales.

If you are looking to leverage the potential of quantity-based pricing in your WooCommerce store, investing in Price By Quantity For WooCommerce is a decision that you won’t regret. This extension is the ultimate tool for creating dynamic pricing strategies that are customer-friendly and beneficial for your bottom line.


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