Real Cookie Banner PRO 3.6.4 Nulled

Real Cookie Banner PRO Nulled is a plugin for managing cookies and consent. In accordance with the GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive, obtain consent to load services and set cookies for your visitors. Furthermore, content blockers assist you in remaining compliant even if your theme, plugin, or content includes styles, scripts, or iframes that transfer personal data. Begin now with our guided configuration to avoid legal pitfalls!

Consent Management

Real Cookie Banner PRO can be used to store all technical and legal information about services and cookies in order to obtain informed consent. You can quickly and securely provide all of the information you require by using 150+ service templates and 120+ content blocker templates.

Content Blocker

Themes, plugins, and so on typically load scripts, styles, and content that transfer personal data and set cookies without your visitors’ consent. This is usually beyond your ability to control. Content blockers ensure that these features are only activated after you have granted permission.

Customize design

You can customize the cookie banner to your liking. With 20+ design templates and 200+ options, you can tailor the cookie banner to your exact specifications. You can express yourself through colors, effects, and text! A live preview displays all changes.

Guided configuration

Following installation, the checklist will walk you through all of the steps necessary to set up Real Cookie Banner in a legally compliant manner. We also explain the legal basis for features and the legal ramifications of changing settings. As a result, you can quickly and safely create your cookie banner!

Native in WordPress

Real Cookie Banner Free Download is a cookie plugin created specifically for WordPress. It is fully installed as a native plugin in your WordPress. Your server processes and stores all consents. Nothing is downloaded from the cloud in your visitor’s browser, avoiding any additional legal issues.

Documentation of consents

The GDPR requires you to demonstrate that a visitor has consented to cookies and the processing of personal data if he or she has any doubts. We thoroughly document consent and make it possible to trace its origins later. Even in the worst-case scenario, you are safe!

150+ Service Templates

Real Cookie Banner includes 150+ service templates as well as 120+ content blocker templates. These templates save you a lot of time by providing you with all of the necessary legal and technical information for using a service in accordance with the ePrivacy Directive and GDPR. We have confirmed that these tools, plugins, and services are compatible with Real Cookie Banner’s consent management.

Download Real Cookie Banner PRO WordPress Plugin

Obtain GDPR and ePrivacy Directive compliant consents. Find services, cookies, and so on, and fill out all legal information in your cookie banner. More than just a cookie notice! Cookie plugin designed specifically for WordPress websites to simplify setup.


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