RevivePress Premium 1.5.0 Nulled (WP Auto Republish)

RevivePress – WP Auto Republish Premium Nulled is an all-encompassing WordPress Plugin designed for websites that seek to bring their old posts and pages back to life. It’s ideal for websites with a wealth of evergreen content, that remains relevant over time, and would benefit from being rediscovered by new audiences. RevivePress Premium achieves this by pushing old content to the front page, placing it at the top of archive pages, and including it back into RSS feeds.

Why Revive Old Content?

RevivePress Premium understands the value of your content. Here’s why revitalizing old posts is beneficial:

  1. Discoverability for New Visitors: Newcomers to your site likely haven’t seen your old content. RevivePress ensures they discover it by prominently displaying these posts.
  2. Freshness in Search Engines: Old content usually doesn’t appear in date-based search results. Resetting the publication date makes them appear fresh and increases their chances of being found on search engines.
  3. Enhanced Shareability: People prefer sharing and linking to new content. By resetting the publication date, old content is perceived as new, thereby increasing its shareability.
  4. Highlighting Valuable Content: By moving older posts back to the front page and including them in RSS feeds, they gain prominence and are more likely to be seen.
  5. Improved Visibility, Traffic, and SEO: RevivePress enhances your blog’s visibility and traffic. Moreover, Google appreciates updated content when executed properly, which can boost your SEO.


RevivePress Premium is packed with features that make content republishing seamless and effective:

Support for Custom Post Types and Taxonomies

You can republish various types of content, including custom post types and taxonomies.

Individual and Repeated Post Republishing

Opt to republish individual posts and set them up for repeated republication if needed.

Customizable Republishing Schedule

Set specific dates and times for content to be republished.

Automatic Social Media Sharing

Easily share your republished content on social media platforms automatically.

Custom Titles for Republished Content

Create custom titles for each republish event to make the content more appealing.

Full Compatibility with WPML & Polylang

Seamlessly work across different languages with full compatibility.

Support for Indexing API Plugin

Ensure your republished content is indexed quickly and efficiently.

Cache Purge Support

Automatically clear your site or single post cache after republishing, supporting most cache plugins and hosting platforms.

Changing Post Status

Change the status of your posts after they are republished.

One-Click Republish and Social Share

Republish and share your content on social media platforms with just one click.

Email Notifications

Receive email notifications when your content is republished.

Custom Date Range for Republishing

Set a custom date range for the content you want to republish.

WordPress Sticky Posts Support

Ensure your important content remains at the top of your blog.

OneSignal Push Notification Support

Send push notifications for your republished content.

Republish History and Upcoming Republications

Monitor all republished content through logs and view all upcoming republications in a dashboard widget.

Admin Column for Republication Info

Keep track of republication information efficiently via an admin column.

Customizable Post Names/URLs

Change the post name or URL with every republication.

Option to Hide Original Published Info

Hide the original publication date and information from the frontend.

Download RevivePress Premium WordPress Plugin

RevivePress Premium is an indispensable plugin for content-rich websites looking to maximize the value of their evergreen content. With its plethora of features, it not only brings old content back into the spotlight but does so in a manner that is SEO-friendly and highly customizable. This results in enhanced visibility, traffic, and user engagement, making WP Auto Republish Premium an invaluable WordPress Plugin for any content creator or website owner wanting to effectively leverage their existing content repository.


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