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Share Logins Pro Nulled & Users Across Multiple Sites

Do you manage multiple WordPress sites and want to keep user activities in sync? For example, do you want them to be automatically logged in to other sites when they log in to one of your sites? Now we’ve entered the picture! Share Logins is the plugin you’ve been looking for!

Synchronize User Activity

Share Logins can sync various user activities across multiple sites automatically. User login, logout, profile update, password reset, creating new users, and deleting users are among the synchronizations.

  • Login
    When a user logs in to one site, this plugin automatically logs them in to all others!
  • Update Profile
    When a user profile on one site is updated, the changes are reflected on other sites!
  • Logout
    When a user logs out of one site, Share Logins logs them out of all other sites as well!
  • Password reset
    When a user’s password is changed on one site, it is also changed on other sites!
  • Create User
    When a user account is created on one site, it is also created on other sites!
  • Delete User
    When a user account is deleted from one site, it is also deleted from all other sites!

Other Features

  • Secure Transaction
    While transacting across your sites, your keys are secure and encrypted. So there’s no need to be concerned about security breaches.
  • User Migration
    Do you already have visitors to your websites? You can export them from one site and import them into another!
  • Validation
    You can check to see if your remote sites are properly connected and configured.
  • In-page Help
    Get assistance right from the settings dashboard. It displays product documentation articles from our website. Every day, sync.

Download Share Logins Pro WordPress Plugin

Do you want to synchronize user activities across multiple WordPress sites you manage? Do you want them to automatically log in to other sites when they visit one of yours, for instance? Well, that’s where we come in! The plugin you’ve been looking for forever is Share Logins Pro Free Download WordPress Plugin.


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