Spire (21 August 2023) Nulled – Angular 16+ Material Design Admin Dashboard Template

Navigating the vast world of admin dashboard templates can be a daunting task. Enter Spire Nulled – an innovative solution tailored for the future. Crafted with the latest Angular 16, Spire represents the next generation of material design admin dashboard templates.

Spire embodies modernity. Its foundation on Angular 16 and the Angular-CLI places it at the pinnacle of cutting-edge design and functionality. But what truly sets Spire apart is its unwavering commitment to pure Angular experience. Thanks to its exclusion of jQuery and integration with the latest Bootstrap version 5.2.3, users are in for an authentic and smooth angular experience.


  • Angular Excellence: With the latest Angular 16+ and Angular Material UI 16.0.0, Spire ensures users receive a top-notch Angular experience.
  • Bootstrap Integration: The template is in tune with Bootstrap 5.2.3, making it highly responsive and adaptable.
  • No jQuery: For those seeking a pure Angular experience, Spire guarantees just that with no jQuery interference.
  • Performance Optimized: With features like AOT compatibility and lazy loading, your project’s performance gets a boost.
  • Styling with SASS: Personalize and style with ease, courtesy of SASS. Each style is clear-cut and user-friendly.
  • Versatility: With Light, Dark, and RTL full templates, one-click switching between Dark & Light modes, and seven predefined color skins, Spire caters to a diverse audience.
  • Functional Applications: From a dynamic calendar to task and contact apps, it has got you covered.
  • Tables and Charts: Featuring Bootstrap tables, Angular Material tables, and five distinct charts libraries, data representation has never looked better.
  • Forms: With Angular Material UI controls, validation forms, and various form controls like date pickers and autocompletes, form management is a breeze.
  • User Interface Elements: Dive into a plethora of UI elements ranging from alerts, badges, and buttons to media objects and progress bars.
  • Media and Maps: It integrates an image gallery, timeline, and even Google Map, ensuring all bases are covered.
  • Comprehensive Pages: Covering everything from login and registration pages to error pages and FAQs, Spire leaves no stone unturned.
  • Documentation: A detailed guide ensures users can seamlessly navigate and utilize all that this template offers.

Download Spire Angular 16+ Material Design Admin Dashboard Template

Navigating today’s digital era, it’s clear that tools like Spire are essential. They bridge the gap between data management and superior user experience. By combining the power of Angular with modern design elements, Spire not only meets but also raises the benchmark for dashboard templates. For developers and business owners alike, it offers a blend of ease, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. So, if you’re on the hunt for a solution that seamlessly marries innovation with simplicity, look no further than Spire. It’s truly where the future of dashboard design shines brightest.


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