SurveyClick 1.0.1 Nulled – SaaS Survey Builder

SurveyClick is a PHP script for creating surveys. With so many options, you can create the most complex surveys. Using the filters, you can generate, compare, and share reports.

SurveyClick Individual Use

No monthly fees

There will be no more monthly fees or restrictions. With SurveyClick, you can create your own rules without ever paying a fee.

All questions you need

There are over 20 different types of questions. So you can create the survey you envision.

Unlimited collectors

Don’t mix up your responses? Collect survey responses from various collectors for the same survey.

Filters, filters, filters

Find the answers you need and create the reports you want quickly and easily. You have a plethora of filters.

Save reports

Save an unlimited number of reports and compare them over time.

Labeling responses

Responses can be labeled and used in special reports.

Save, export, print

Export and print a report, and compare two reports side by side.

Work with your team

Share surveys, reports, and conversations with your team.

Statistics & reportings

From average response time and approval and rejection rates to a geographical overview

Multiple templates

Choose from a variety of survey templates with ease.

Validate responses

Use points to validate surveys, reject unwanted responses, and collect only the information you require.


Change meta tags, upload a logo, and personalize the text


Provides full-service surveying

Become a business owner and provide all of the services listed above to your customers.

Invoicing system

Invoicing system built in, so you have everything you need for your business in one place.

All reporting you need

You have a clear understanding of the services you offer.

Monthly subscriptions

Manage individual or team monthly subscription packages. Prices may be set to vary based on the number of months purchased.

Paid responses service

Respondents are also welcome! They can take surveys and earn commissions.


You can provide an audience selector based on country, age, or gender with your paid responses service.

Loyalty shop

Respondents can earn loyalty points by taking special surveys or inviting friends.

Referral program

There is an unlimited-level referral program available. The system employs loyalty points, which can be redeemed at the loyalty shop.

Powerful CMS

Your admin panel makes it simple to manage the content on your website.

Responsive designs

All of the front-end, back-end, and survey templates are responsive.


SurveyClick PHP Script is also open to new themes and functionality additions.


No matter how attractive your website is, if it is not well optimized, it is useless. SurveyClick has been tested with tens of millions of responses.


Every country has a multi-language option as well as a date format, hour format, and default timezone. Countries can be autodetected.


Vouchers are an excellent marketing tool because they can be applied to deposits and can be for fixed amounts or a percentage of the deposit.

Download SurveyClick PHP Script

SurveyClick is a PHP script for creating surveys. You can design the most complex surveys thanks to the wide range of options. The filters enable you to create, compare, and share the reports you require.


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