Tickera Premium v3.5.1.7 + Addons (Original Version Numbers)

Navigating the digital landscape of event management, one often encounters myriad online ticketing solutions. Yet, Tickera Premium Nulled distinguishes itself as a standout choice. This robust WordPress plugin is crafted for visionary event organizers who aspire to directly sell and deliver tickets from their website. The hallmark of Tickera is its pioneering self-hosted ticketing approach. This means, as an organizer, you retain complete control over your profits, bypassing any need to share revenue with external parties. Moreover, with its user-friendly interface and dynamic features, it promises not only efficiency but also an enhanced user experience for both organizers and attendees.


Sell Tickets with Style

With Tickera, sell event tickets seamlessly on your WordPress site. It is designed to integrate smoothly with any well-coded WordPress theme. Additionally, Tickera has several themes specifically optimized for it.

Easy Attendee Check-in with Checkinera

This feature ensures rapid, straightforward, and even offline ticket verification. The Checkinera app is available for both Android and iOS. Plus, the web app version can transform any browser into a full-fledged check-in system, irrespective of the platform.

Versatile Payment Options

Catering to a global audience, Tickera supports over 20 built-in payment gateways, including all WooCommerce gateways.

Integration with WooCommerce

If you’re already a WooCommerce user, merge the functionalities of WooCommerce and Tickera to sell tickets as WooCommerce products. It’s a fusion that promises efficiency.

Interactive Seating Arrangement

Create intricate venue floor plans for attendees, making their seat selection process a breeze. Whether it’s seating groups, standing areas, or tables, the drag-and-drop feature ensures easy customization.

Shopping Cart

Offer your customers the convenience of purchasing tickets for multiple events simultaneously.

Discount Codes

Drive ticket sales with unlimited discount codes, applicable for specific or all ticket types.

Multiple Event Management

With Tickera, manage numerous events effortlessly. Define the event’s name, location, and start date to get started.

Unlimited Ticket Types

Design endless ticket types for any event, determining ticket quantity limits, available check-ins per ticket, and more.

Ticket Builder

Craft distinctive ticket templates for each ticket type ensuring a unique design for Standard, VIP, etc.

Custom Forms

Understand your attendees better by collecting pertinent buyer information through customized forms. ( Check out Use Any Font Premium)

Tax Administration

Administer and manage tax rates seamlessly during the purchase process.

Barcode Reader Compatibility

Speed up the check-in process and manage crowd flow efficiently with barcode readers.

Ticket Fees

Introduce additional fees per ticket or order to cover various costs.

WordPress Multisite Support

Allow clients in a multisite setup to manage their events and sell tickets.

White Label

Rebrand Tickera with just a code tweak to align with your brand or client’s preference.

Customizable & Developer Friendly

Tailor Tickera’s functionality using actions, filters, and add-ons.

Translation Ready

Translate every element of the plugin and adjust it according to your linguistic needs.


Tickera is compatible with all WordPress themes designed as per WordPress standards.

Payment Gateway API

For those adept in coding, Tickera provides an API for crafting additional payment gateways.


Enhance the plugin’s functionality with several professional add-ons included in the Tickera Bundle package at no extra cost.

Download Tickera Premium WordPress Event Ticketing

In the realm of digital ticketing, Tickera Premium clearly stands out. Firstly, its comprehensive suite of features makes it an indispensable tool for anyone wishing to seamlessly integrate a ticketing system into their WordPress website. Additionally, the unique self-hosted ticketing feature underscores its value, eliminating the need to split profits with third-party platforms. Furthermore, with its extensive compatibility and customization options, Tickera ensures a tailored fit for every event need. In essence, when choosing Tickera, you’re not just selecting a ticketing solution; you’re investing in a powerful tool that puts you in the driver’s seat, ensuring your events run smoothly from start to finish.


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