TranslatePress Pro 2.6.2 + Business 1.3.3 Nulled

TranslatePress Pro is a simple WordPress translation plugin that anyone can use. TranslatePress differs from other translation plugins in that it allows you to translate posts and pages directly from your website’s frontend. This means you’ll be able to see what you’re translating in real time.

The TranslatePress Pro Nulled interface allows you to easily translate any written content on the page, including posts, pages, meta data, plugins, and even your WordPress theme.

If manual translation is not for you or is too time-consuming, TranslatePress also includes Google Translate API integration, which allows you to speed up the translation process. If you find that any of Google’s AI-powered translations are incorrect, you can manually correct them.


Aside from being simple to use, TranslatePress is packed with useful features such as:

  • Translate the entire page
    What you see should be translated. You can translate the entire page at once, including output from shortcodes, forms, and page builders, using the interface.
  • Translation Blocks
    By joining multiple translation strings into a translation block, you can translate larger blocks of HTML with a single translation.
  • _e(“Hello $%s”);
    WordPress, plugins, and themes have all added support for dynamic strings (gettext).
  • Customizable Language Switcher
    A floating dropdown that follows the user on every page, a shortcode, and menu items that can be added to any WordPress menu are all included in the extended language switcher.
  • WooCommerce Support
    Works with WooCommerce, custom post types, complex themes, and site builders right out of the box.
  • Browse As
    View your site as if you were the current user (logged in) or as if you were logged out. This makes it simple to translate all of your website’s content, including dynamic pages such as a custom logged in page.
  • Image Translation
    When you need to show different images for each language on your website, translate images directly from the translation interface.
  • Automatic Translation
    With Google Translate and DeepL integration, you can quickly have your content automatically translated and only adjust what isn’t perfect.

Advanced Add ons

  • Translator Accounts
    Create translator accounts that will be able to translate the website without the need for the WordPress backend, site builders, or metaboxes.
  • Multiple Languages
    Add as many languages as you need to make your project international. Only publish your language once all of your translations are complete.
  • SEO Pack
    SEO support for page slug, title, description, and social graph information from Facebook and Twitter. The HTML lang attribute has been correctly set. All popular SEO plugins now support multilingual sitemaps (Yoast SEO, Rank Math, AIOSEO, SEOPress).
  • Automatic User Language Detection
    First-time visitors will be redirected to the language of their choice based on their browser settings or IP address.
  • DeepL Automatic Translation
    Using the DeepL API, you can automatically translate your website.
  • Navigation Based on Language
    Set up different menu items for each language.
  • Browse As User Role
    Navigate your website in the same way that a specific user role would. Very useful for dynamic content or hidden content that appears only for specific users.

Download TranslatePress Pro Nulled Plugin

TranslatePress Pro Free Download is a popular translation plugin that allows anyone to easily translate their WordPress site into multiple languages. The ability to translate pages and posts on your site in real-time from the front end is what really sets this translation plugin apart from the competition.


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