Universal Plugins Bundle for Rocket LMS 1.7 Nulled + Mobile App

Universal Plugins Bundle for Rocket LMS is designed to enhance the functionality and performance of your Rocket LMS platform. Whether you’re an educator, a training professional, or an organization looking to deliver online courses, this plugins bundle offers a wide range of features to elevate your e-learning experience.

The Universal Plugins Bundle for Rocket LMS Nulled is a collection of carefully crafted plugins that integrate seamlessly with Rocket LMS, a leading learning management system. This bundle empowers educators and course creators with an array of tools and functionalities, enabling them to create, manage, and deliver engaging online courses more efficiently.


The Universal Plugins Bundle for Rocket LMS includes the following plugins:


Enables subscription plans for your LMS, allowing users to purchase subscriptions and enroll in classes based on time and subscription count.

Offline payments

Allows users to submit transactions through bank accounts, with the ability for administrators to approve and add the amount to the user’s account.

Payment Gateways Pack

Adds additional payment gateways such as Stripe, Paytm, Paystack, Flutterwave, Bitpay, and more, expanding payment options for users.

Quiz & Certification

Create unlimited quizzes with various question types, automatic result calculation, and the ability to create customized certificates for users.

Meeting Booking

Instructors can define their meeting timesheet and hourly rate, while users can book meetings and reserve time slots using the calendar, including support for online and in-person meetings.

Text Courses

Create unlimited text-based courses with videos, downloadable files, and text content.

SMS Authentication

Utilize Twilio SMS authentication for user login and registration.


Enables sending notices to admins and organizations, with the ability to post notices to instructors, students, or all users, visible on the user panel.

Bigbluebutton Integration

Conduct unlimited live events on Bigbluebutton with automatically generated information for students and instructors.

Organizational Education

Enables multi-organization education, allowing exclusive instructors and students within each organization, and the creation of private or public courses.

Multi-language Content

Define website content in different languages, loading the content based on the user’s language.

Affiliate & Referral Marketing

Empower users to sell platform courses and earn through affiliate marketing.

SCORM Courses

Allows the publication of courses created by Adobe Captive, iSpring, or other software for an interactive educational experience.

In-App Live Class System

Conduct live classes directly on your platform with features like live chat and screen sharing.

SaaS Packages

Define different service packages with limitations on features, such as courses, meeting time slots, live class capacity, and more.

Reward Points System

Create a customer loyalty club with points awarded for various activities, which can be used for course enrollment or converted to account balance.

Tutor Finder

Allows users to find instructors based on different parameters such as tutoring level, subject, meeting type, location, and more.

Forum & Community

Adds a professional forum and community feature to the LMS platform for users to create topics and engage in discussions.

Course Forum

Enables course students to ask questions in the course forum, allowing for answers from other students and instructors.

Course Bundle

Combine multiple courses as a bundle and sell them together.

Store & Marketplace

Introduces a multi-vendor marketplace and store feature, enabling users to sell physical and virtual products.

Drip Content

Restricts student access to course chapters and files based on limitations such as time and sequence content.

Private Mode

Allows for running an LMS solution for internal purposes, specifying which users can access courses for enrollment.

Manual Enrolment

Administrators can manually add students to courses, bundles, and products from the admin panel.

Assignment & Homework

Define assignments for each course with options like grading and deadlines, enhancing the education process.

Course Statistics & Analytics

View course details and statistics in a graphical environment.

Course Noticeboard

Send different notices to course students, displayed in different colors.

In-app Video Call

Conduct peer-to-peer or group video calls directly on the platform for meetings.

Registration Bonus

Provide users with a registration bonus to incentivize registration on the platform.


Encourage purchases by offering users a percentage or fixed amount of cashback to their wallets.

Question Bank

Define different questions for quizzes and present a specific number of questions to users randomly or sorted.

Upcoming Courses

Inform users about upcoming courses and allow them to follow and get notified upon course publishing.

Installments and Partial Payment

Sell materials using installment payment plans, defining upfront payments, payment steps, duration, and interest.

Secure Host

Protect video content from unwanted downloads or unauthorized access.

Jitsi Meetings

Conduct live classes directly on Jitsi for low-latency live video experiences.

Course Waitlist

Enable a waitlist feature for courses to capture potential students and inform them about future events.

Gift Products

Allow users to send courses or materials as gifts to friends.


Sell courses in different currencies, convert prices, and make specific payment gateways available for each currency.

These plugins provide a wide range of functionalities to enhance the overall learning experience and expand the capabilities of Rocket LMS.

Download Universal Plugins Bundle for Rocket LMS

The Universal Plugins Bundle for Rocket LMS Free Download is a comprehensive collection of plugins designed to enhance the functionality and user experience of your e-learning platform. With features like course progress tracking, gamification elements, interactive assessments, multimedia integration, and social learning capabilities, this bundle empowers educators and course creators to deliver engaging and impactful online courses.

By incorporating the Universal Plugins Bundle into your Rocket LMS platform, you can elevate the learning experience for your students, increase learner engagement, and achieve better educational outcomes. Take advantage of this powerful plugin bundle and unlock the full potential of your e-learning endeavors with Rocket LMS.



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