Voxel Theme Nulled – Build Dynamic WordPress Sites From The Ground Up

Voxel Nulled is the next generation WordPress theme from the creators of the popular directory theme MyListing. In conjunction with Elementor, it provides a new way to build smart, complex, and dynamic WordPress sites from the ground up.


Post Types

Custom post types can be created and managed, and everything from custom fields to filtering to individual templates can be customized.

Creative Control

Elementor is used to create your design, and Voxel is used to convert each individual element into a dynamic template component.

Search Forms

Create search forms with algorithms that outperform native WordPress search: full text search, indexing, and custom tables.

Design Templates

A comprehensive template package that includes everything.

Post Feed

Post feed that can dynamically sync with search forms and maps on the same or different pages. To display results, preview card templates are used.

Maps and Geolocation

Smart map widgets with dynamic markers, the ability to sync to a post feed, and the ability to search results as you move the map.

Front-end Submission

Any post type can be submitted via the front end.

Paid Membership

Custom login and registration forms with paid membership plans, as well as the ability to condition any part of the site based on plan selection


Stripe-powered built-in payments and subscriptions

Product Types

Create product types such as appointments, bookings, virtual products, and so on.
Stripe Connect powers front-end order management with multi-vendor support.

Timeline & Newsfeed

With the timeline widget, you can add social network features to your website: Walls, newsfeeds, reviews, and comments are all available. Social activity from any source you follow is displayed in your newsfeed.

Conditions and Restrictions

Every individual widget on your site has access to the most extensive condition and restriction system ever included in a theme. Everything is conditional, either by values and states or by individual dynamic tags.


Use loops to generate repeatable content from repeater fields, taxonomies, and other sources.


Allow users to create custom collections and save or bookmark favorite posts.


A sophisticated notification system based on app events

Direct Messages

User-to-user and user-to-user messages

Download Voxel WordPress Theme

The Voxel Theme Free Download combines essential tools, systems, and features into a single package for creating complex and dynamic WordPress sites.

The voxel engine is a new approach to dynamic content creation that allows you to transform a static elementor design into a fully functional and dynamic template.

It includes a custom post type (CPT) builder and manager, as well as the ability to display dynamic content right out of the box.

The CPT builder allows you to create new post types as well as manage those that are native to WordPress.

Each post type has a templates section where you can use Elementor and Voxel Engine to design the layout for single posts, preview (loop) templates, archive pages, and the front-end submission form.

It will let you add custom fields with features like conditional logic, repeater fields, and bookings.

You can use Voxel to create templates for user profiles, registration forms, and preview cards, all with custom filtering options.


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