Vuexy 9.8.0 Nulled – Vuejs, React – Next.js, HTML, Laravel & Asp.Net Admin Dashboard Template

Vuejs HTML Laravel Admin Dashboard Template – Vuexy Nulled is a premium admin template that is designed to help developers create web applications quickly and efficiently. This template is a perfect choice for those who want to build a responsive and intuitive dashboard for their projects. The template is designed with the latest web development technologies like Vuejs, HTML, and Laravel.

Here is an overview of the features that make Vuexy an excellent choice for your next project.


Vuejs Framework

Vuexy is built on top of the Vuejs framework, which is a popular JavaScript framework used for building user interfaces and single-page applications. Vuejs is known for its simplicity, ease of use, and performance, making it a perfect choice for building web applications.

Responsive Design

The template is fully responsive, which means it can adapt to any screen size, ensuring that your users have the best possible experience on any device, including mobile phones and tablets.

Multiple Layouts

With Vuexy, you have access to multiple layout options that you can use to create a unique and personalized dashboard for your project.

Laravel Integration

The template is integrated with the Laravel PHP framework, which makes it easy for developers to build complex web applications quickly and efficiently.

UI Components

Vuexy comes with a wide range of UI components that you can use to build a beautiful and functional dashboard. These components include buttons, cards, forms, tables, and many more.

Advanced Charts

The template comes with advanced charts that you can use to visualize your data in a more meaningful way. These charts include line charts, bar charts, pie charts, and more.


Vuexy comes with an authentication system that you can use to secure your application. The system includes login and registration pages, as well as password recovery functionality.

Download Vuexy Website Template

Vuexy is an excellent admin template that can help developers create responsive and intuitive dashboards quickly and efficiently. With its robust features, including multiple layouts, Laravel integration, UI components, advanced charts, and an authentication system, Vuexy – Vuejs, React – Next.js, HTML, Laravel & Asp.Net Admin Dashboard Template Free is a perfect choice for any web application project.

Whether you’re building a small or large-scale application, this template can help you create a beautiful and functional dashboard that your users will love.


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