Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro 1.0.9 + 2.5.1 Nulled (WP Swings)

The Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro Nulled plugin extends your eCommerce store with a digital wallet. Customers can use their WooCommerce Wallet balance to purchase your products and services. You can add or remove funds from customers’ Wallets in bulk, view and download transaction history, and send email notifications to customers using this Wallet for WooCommerce plugin. It also allows you to send refunds directly to customers’ Wallets.

Furthermore, you can send all cashback rewards to your customers using the Wallet cashback feature. As a result, this WooCommerce Wallet effectively supports your customer loyalty program.

You can enable WooCommerce Wallet System as a payment method by adding money to it in WooCommerce > Settings > Payment.

  • Use the WooCommerce Wallet to make full or partial payments.
  • Users Have the Ability to Create Wallet QR Codes
  • Allow customers to accumulate Wallet Credits.
  • Allow users to receive wallet cashback when they make a purchase.


Here are some of our customers’ favorite features:

Hide or Show Cashback Message

When you use our WooCommerce payment plugin to offer cashback rewards, your customers are greeted with a message when they receive the reward. This cashback message can be displayed or hidden from the cart and checkout pages. It is applicable to both cart-based and category-based cashback.

Limit WooCommerce Payment Gateways for Cashback Rewards

You can earn wallet cashback rewards by using any payment gateway that is ineligible (unacceptable) for customers. You can also display the cashback gateway restriction message on the checkout page. They are free to use any payment gateway by default.

Customize Wallet Restriction Message New

Users who are barred from using WooCommerce wallet features are shown a restriction message by default. You have the option of showing or hiding the restriction notification from the user, as well as customizing the notification content.

Show or Hide Cashback Reward Messages New

WooCommerce wallet users are shown the cashback rewards message to encourage them to use cashback on purchases. On the checkout page, you can choose whether to display or hide cashback messages.

Key Notifications for Users New

You keep WooCommerce Wallet customers informed by sending important email notifications about wallet top-ups (recharge), Wallet credit, and balance deductions. You can change the default WooCommerce email address and configure any email address to receive wallet system notifications.

Auto Order Complete

You can speed up post-checkout order processing by allowing automatic order completion for products and services purchased through the WooCommerce wallet system.

Charge Fees for Wallet Transfer And Withdrawal Requests

Our WooCommerce wallet allows you to set and charge fees for wallet transfers (customer recharges) and withdrawal requests. If you leave this box unchecked, your customers will be able to use these features for free.

Selective Bulk Recharge

You can select specific customers from the wallet users list to recharge (credit and debit) their wallets. It’s extremely helpful if you want to reward or incentivize specific loyal customers based on their relevant celebratory occasions.

Partial Refund To Wallet

You can process the full or partial refund to customers’ WooCommerce wallets for the items they have purchased. The remainder of the refund can be transferred using existing payment gateways. This applies to all refunds, regardless of the payment method used to purchase the products.

WooCommerce Wallet Shortcode

When you need to display the frontend wallet user panel anywhere on your store, use the shortcode [wps-wallet]. It will also feature a QR code generator, allowing users to generate codes that can be quickly and securely recharged by other WooCommerce Wallet users.

Download the Wallet Transaction History

With the WooCommerce Cashback plugin, you can view your customers’ Wallet transactions in a neatly organized table and download the transaction history in an excel spreadsheet, PDF, or CSV file based on your needs. It will assist you in recording and backing up critical transaction data.

Wallet Top-up Subscription

Set up a wallet top-up subscription plan for users with ‘days, weeks, months, or years’ interval periods to automate their recharge process and improve the payment experience. Customers can only choose the amount of their subscription top-up. Users of the Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro Free Download Plugin can recharge their Wallets with a subscription or on a regular basis. In addition, any recharge done in the middle of the current subscription interval will result in the creation of a new subscription.

Restrict Wallet Users

The Wallet for WooCommerce plugin includes a user restriction feature that prevents users from accessing the following features: Wallet Transactions, Add Balance, Wallet Transfer, Wallet Coupon Redeem, and Wallet Withdrawal Request. You can restrict specific features for specific users or apply the same set of restrictions to all users at the same time. A restricted user can only use the existing Wallet balance to buy products. Essentially, our digital wallet plugin will ensure the security of your store by allowing you to penalize suspicious users.

Add or Remove Wallet Balance

As the admin, you have the ability to recharge or remove the balance from theĀ Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro in bulk or individually, as well as explain to users the purpose of the balance edit by mentioning the reasons for the transaction. With this digital wallet plugin, you can also define a maximum and minimum limit on wallet recharge for customers and efficiently control the payment process.

Give Wallet Credit for Successful Actions

You can use our digital wallet plugin to implement a WooCommerce credit system and reward users for actions that promote your store and grow your user base. Furthermore, the incentives will help to make the wallet a popular payment method in your online store. It will enable you to give users Wallet credit for daily visits, signups, and product review comments.

Digital Wallet Cashback

You can also encourage users to use the Wallet system by depositing cashback rewards directly into their Wallets. This cashback reward system allows users to earn cashback using any payment method, but in order to use the rewarded value, they must use the WooCommerce wallet.
There are two types of cashback rules in Wallet: cart-based and category-based. You can apply the cashback rule by category both globally and individually for each category at the same time. You can configure the cashback type and amount for all categories, including those already selected in the global cashback rule, in the categories section.

Wallet Coupons

The Wallet System for WooCommerce includes a Wallet coupon organizer that allows you to create coupons and set the usage limit per coupon and per user. Users can use these coupons to load money into their digital WooCommerce wallet.

Wallet Amount Widget

When customers log in, display their balance in a widget powered by WooCommerce Wallet. It assists wallet users in keeping track of their Wallet balance and reminds them to recharge their wallets if the displayed balance is low.

Generate Wallet QR Codes

QR codes for wallets can be generated and shared by users. Individual users can recharge or transfer money into the wallets of other users by scanning their wallet QR codes.

Wallet User Invite

You can allow Wallet users to invite their friends and family to use the WooCommerce Wallet system. If the email address entered in the ‘Transfer to’ field does not exist, customers will see the option to send an invitation to that email address, and they can send an invite email.
Finally, our digital wallet plugin will improve the payment process and expand the woo Wallet user base.

Wallet Amount Withdrawal

Customers can withdraw funds from their Wallet into their bank account or any payment app that they actively use. They must submit a withdrawal request and provide you with their payment information. You can specify which email address will receive the Wallet withdrawal request email. Furthermore, the withdrawal requests table displays the username along with a link to the user’s profile in the digital wallet plugin.

Displays Email Addresses of the Debtor and Creditor

Customers can view their WooCommerce Wallet transactions. The transaction list includes information such as wallet recharge, debit, credit, transfer, and withdrawal, as well as the emails of both the creditor and debtor.

Import Wallet Balance from CSV File

You can download the Wallet user list as a CSV file and edit the Wallet balance in that file using the user Wallet credit system. Then, to implement the updated Wallet amount, upload the edited CSV file. This feature, for example, will save you time when editing the wallet balances of multiple users with different values.

Select Partial Payment

You can enable the partial payment feature by using the digital wallet plugin. If the order value exceeds the available Wallet balance, your customers can pay the difference with their Wallet balance. Manual Wallet Payment allows customers to select the Wallet amount, whereas Total Wallet Payment allows them to pay with the entire Wallet balance.
For example, if the customer has $20 available and the product costs $50, he or she can use the partial payment feature.

Download Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro Nulled

Get a multi-purpose and lightning-fast Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro Free Download that allows you to bulk add or remove balances, view and download user transaction history in pdf format, generate wallet coupons, send cashback and refunds, set top-up subscriptions, and restrict users.


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