Whols Pro 1.2.0 Nulled – WooCommerce Wholesale Prices (HasThemes)

If you own an online store powered by WooCommerce and are looking to enhance its capabilities by catering to wholesalers, then Whols Pro is the plugin you must consider. This comprehensive guide provides an in-depth overview of Whols Pro – WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Nulled, its features, and how it can be a game-changer for your eCommerce venture.


Whols Pro is an exceptional WordPress plugin tailored for WooCommerce store owners seeking to set wholesale prices for their products. With the increasing demand for wholesale buying, providing exclusive prices to wholesalers can significantly boost your sales and revenue. This plugin effortlessly integrates into your store and allows you to showcase special wholesale prices exclusively to wholesalers, thus establishing a dual pricing strategy for both retail and wholesale buyers.

User Registration and Management

Whols Pro enables users to register as wholesalers through a simple online form. A shortcode can be used to embed this registration form anywhere on your site. Once registration is complete, the store owner has the ability to review and approve these requests. The approval process can be managed manually or set to auto-approve, streamlining the wholesaler integration.

Furthermore, existing customers can be assigned a wholesale role, which means even your current loyal customers can benefit from wholesale prices.

Pricing Configuration and Visibility

One of the plugin’s most powerful features is the extensive pricing configuration it offers. You can set wholesale prices for both simple and variable products. Additionally, each variation of a variable product can have its own wholesale price. You have the flexibility to apply flat or percentage-based discounts on wholesale products.

You can also set a minimum quantity that a wholesaler must purchase to avail the wholesale price. Moreover, the plugin allows you to show or hide retail prices from wholesale customers. This feature can be particularly useful for maintaining transparency and demonstrating the savings that a wholesaler will get.

The pricing information is visible on both the shop and product detail pages, but the plugin ensures that wholesale prices are only visible to customers with the “Wholesaler” role. Guest users or those without the wholesaler role will not see these prices.

Customization and Shipping

Whols Pro allows store owners to fully customize the text labels that appear on the frontend. For example, you can change the labels for retailer price, wholesaler price, and the amount saved.

When it comes to shipping, you can enable free shipping exclusively for your wholesale customers. This is an excellent incentive that can encourage more bulk purchases. Moreover, you can disable coupon codes for wholesale customers, ensuring that the exclusive prices are only availed through wholesale buying.

Pro Features: Taking Wholesale to the Next Level

With the Pro version of Whols, you unlock limitless possibilities. Some of the remarkable Pro features include:

  • Create and manage unlimited user roles.
  • Have full control over wholesaler requests with the ability to approve or reject.
  • Set different prices for different wholesaler roles.
  • Control payment gateways based on roles.
  • Set category-wise product prices, even for different roles.
  • Manage registration fields.
  • Restrict access to the wholesale store.
  • Set a default wholesaler role for registrations.
  • Restrict website access based on user roles.
  • Role-based control over payment methods and shipping.

Easy Backend Interface

One of the reasons Whols Pro stands out is because of its easy-to-use backend interface. Even for those who are not tech-savvy, navigating through the settings and configuring the plugin is a breeze. No coding is required, making it accessible for all store owners.

Download Whols Pro – WooCommerce Wholesale Prices

Whols Pro – WooCommerce Wholesale Prices is an indispensable tool for any eCommerce store owner looking to delve into the wholesale market. Its robust features, coupled with ease of use and customization, make it an unrivaled choice for enhancing your WooCommerce store. Whether you’re looking to attract new wholesale customers or offer exclusive prices to existing ones, Whols Pro empowers you with the right tools and options to skyrocket your sales and foster customer loyalty. Don’t miss the opportunity to give your business the edge it needs in the increasingly competitive online marketplace.


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