WooCommerce Advanced Coupons Premium Free Download

WooCommerce Advanced Coupons Premium Free Download is a comprehensive plugin for WordPress that enhances the functionality of coupon management on e-commerce websites. With a wide range of features designed to optimize coupon usage, it offers users a powerful tool to drive sales, increase customer engagement, and improve overall user experience.

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Advanced Coupon Restrictions

Set specific conditions for coupon usage, such as minimum order amounts, specific products or categories, usage limits per customer, and more.

Auto Apply Coupons

Automatically apply coupons to the customer’s cart based on predetermined conditions, improving the user experience and conversion rates.

URL Coupons

Create unique URLs that automatically apply coupons when clicked, making it easier to share discounts and track their effectiveness.

Schedule Coupons

Set specific start and end dates for coupon availability, allowing businesses to run limited-time promotions or sales.

BOGO Deals (Buy One Get One)

Create “Buy One Get One” deals, offering customers incentives like “Buy One, Get One” or “Buy One, Get a Discount on the Second.”

Cart Conditions

Apply coupons based on cart conditions such as cart subtotal, number of items, or specific products, providing targeted discounts to customers.

Shipping Coupons

Generate coupons that apply discounts to shipping costs, encouraging customers to complete their purchases.

Product Discounts

Advanced Coupons Premium Nulled allows you to Offer percentage or fixed amount discounts on specific products or product categories.

Category Discounts

Apply discounts to entire product categories, making it easy to run category-specific promotions.

Cart Item Rules

Create rules for applying coupons based on the items in the cart, such as requiring a specific product to be present for the coupon to apply.

BOGO Deals with Exclusions

Set exclusions for BOGO deals to specify which products or categories are ineligible for the promotion.

Coupon Usage Limits

Limit the number of times a coupon can be used by individual customers, preventing abuse of discounts.

Coupon Stacking

Allow or restrict the stacking of multiple coupons, providing flexibility in coupon usage.

Social Sharing

Enable customers to share coupons on social media platforms, expanding the reach of promotions.

Coupon Expiry Countdown

Display a countdown timer indicating the remaining time for customers to use a coupon, creating a sense of urgency.

Import and Export Coupons

Easily import or export coupons in bulk, making it convenient to manage large coupon inventories.

Coupon Analytics

Track coupon usage, monitor the effectiveness of promotions, and gather insights to optimize future marketing campaigns.

Download Advanced Coupons Premium WordPress Plugin

Advanced Coupons Premium is a feature-rich plugin for WordPress that empowers e-commerce website owners to optimize their coupon management strategies. With its advanced coupon restrictions, auto apply coupons, URL coupons, scheduling capabilities, and BOGO Deals feature, businesses can create highly targeted and effective promotions. By leveraging these features, website owners can enhance the user experience, drive sales, and maximize the impact of their coupon campaigns.


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