WooCommerce for LatePoint (Payments Addon) 10.7.0 Nulled

woocommerce for latepoint wordpress plugin

WooCommerce for LatePoint is an amazing addon. It links LatePoint, a mighty booking system, with WooCommerce, a top e-commerce platform. This combo lets you offer more than 100 payment options for bookings.

WooCommerce for LatePoint Nulled makes booking a breeze for customers. It blends WooCommerce’s payment gateway into LatePoint’s booking form. This means clients don’t jump through hoops during checkout. However, keep in mind that this addon is not a standalone plugin. You need both LatePoint and WooCommerce on your WordPress site.

Key Features

Smooth Checkout

The addon’s key perk is a hassle-free checkout process. It tucks in the WooCommerce checkout into LatePoint’s form. So, clients stay on one page for booking.

Tailor Payment Method Name

Here’s another cool feature: you can change the payment method name that shows during booking. You’re not stuck with “WooCommerce.” Pick a name that fits your brand.

Peek at Appointment Orders

Customers can see appointment info in the Orders area of their WooCommerce account. Plus, you can choose to turn off the Order # link at the confirmation step.

Sync Status Rules

This is nifty: set rules that link the status of WooCommerce orders with LatePoint booking statuses. When an order status changes, the addon updates LatePoint booking statuses. It’s all automatic.

Match Services with Products

This addon lets you link a unique WooCommerce product to each LatePoint service. What’s the big deal? Well, you can set custom taxes for each service, send invoices, and more. It gives you more control.

Speak Your Customer’s Language

The plugin is multilingual. It supports 33 languages and counting. This means you can connect with clients around the world.

Download WooCommerce for LatePoint (Payments Addon)

WooCommerce for LatePoint is a nifty tool that takes your booking system up a notch. It weaves in WooCommerce’s wide range of payment options. Its features, like smooth checkout, custom names, and language support, make it a must-have. But remember, it’s an addon. You need both LatePoint and WooCommerce. If your business relies on bookings, this addon could be a game-changer. It streamlines operations and keeps customers happy.


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