WooCommerce Multi-Currency Nulled 3.3.0 (Free Download)

WooCommerce Multi-Currency Nulled is a WordPress plugin that allows you to switch currencies and recalculate rates in real-time. Unlike Currency Converter Widgets, it uses the converted prices during checkout, allowing your customers to pay in the currency of their choice on your WooCommerce store!

Forcing customers to mentally calculate exchange rates, fees, and taxes is a sure way to lose a sale. Most eCommerce platforms limit you to the currency associated with the online retailer’s home country or region. That’s where WooCommerce’s adaptability comes in handy.

The average cart abandonment rate in global commerce is just under 70%. Surprise fees or hidden costs are common cause of cart abandonment. Customers are less likely to complete the checkout process if they don’t know how much they’re spending.

WooCommerce Multi-Currency Free Download is an excellent solution for selling internationally and reducing cart abandonment.

Users Features

  • Use a sidebar widget to select the currency.
  • See how the prices are automatically recalculated.
  • Pay in the currency of your choice.

Administrator Features

  • Add one or more additional currencies while keeping the base prices in the Store’s default currency.
  • After conversion, round the prices.
  • Include the conversion fee.
  • Make use of the “price charming”

Download WooCommerce Multi-Currency Plugin

Although the Woocommerce Multi-Currency WordPress plugin is fairly simple to install and configure, we would still recommend that you contact your local web developer and have them double-check your work. While not the most aesthetically pleasing, we believe Automattic’s functionality simply works. By the way, Automattic is the company that owns WordPress and WooCommerce.


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