WooCommerce Order Approval 7.7 Free Download

The WooCommerce Order Approval Free Download plugin integrates seamlessly into your WooCommerce system, allowing you to approve or reject all customer orders!

How It Works: Workflow Approval

Once installed and activated, the plugin allows you to reject or approve all orders placed by customers based on one of two workflows (chosen via the Settings menu):

  • Pay and wait for approval: As with any WooCommerce order, the customer will normally place the order. The site administrator can recently approve or reject the order. In both cases, the customer will receive an email notification.
  • Wait for approval and pay: The customer will place the order but will not be charged. Once the order has been approved, the customer must manually pay for it via the order details page.

Approval Timeline

Customers (registered and guests) can keep track of their orders via a visual timeline displayed on the order details page! The text menu allows you to customize the text for each step.

Live Updated Timeline

The order status timeline is now active and up to date! This means that the user does not need to manually refresh the page to see the current order approval status!

Time Selector Option

The WooCommerce Order Approval plugin allows you to include a time selector in the Checkout form! This can be extremely beneficial for food delivery services!

Email Notifications

The plugin will send an email to the customer whenever the order is marked as Approved or Rejected. The text of notification messages can be customized using the Text menu.

New Order Statuses

To make it easier to track order approval statuses, three new statuses will be added: Waiting for approval, Rejected, and Approved.

Approval/rejection Links Embedded On The Admin New Order Email

The plugin embeds links to directly approve or reject the recently placed order in the new order email sent to the admin!

Order Cancellation By Customer

You can enable the option to allow the customer to cancel the order after it has been approved in the Options menu. The cancellation can be completed in X minutes, where X is configurable via the option.

Order Automatic Cancellation If Not Paid

The system can optionally cancel the order if, after it has been approved and if it needs to be paid, the user does not make the payment within X minutes, where X can be configured in the options menu.

Payment Gateway, Shipping Method, Coupons, Products, Categories, User Role, Or Order Subtotal Automatic Order Approval!

The order can be set to be automatically approved based on the payment gateway, shipping method, specific products/categories, user roles, or order subtotal (sum of product costs excluding taxes)!

In the case of automatic approval by products and categories, the shop administrator has two options:

  • Automatically approved for the selected products/categories: If the order contains at least one of the selected products or categories, the order will be automatically approved; otherwise, manual approval by the shop manager is required.
  • Only the following products/categories are subject to manual approval: If the order does not include any of the selected products or categories, it will be automatically approved.

The automatic order approval option for coupons can be found in the WooCommerce -> Coupons -> Coupon menu while configuring the coupon.

Note On Order Statuses

WooCommerce Order Approval adds the following order statuses: Waiting for approval, Rejected, and Approved. However, the plugin will take into account the following WooCommerce statuses:

  • Rejected statuses include failed, cancelled, and refunded statuses.
  • Completed, On Hold, Processing, and any custom order statuses are marked as Approved.
  • Pending payment status will be treated as Waiting for approval. You can manually configure which order statuses are considered “Waiting for approval” via the options menu. This could be useful if you use custom order statuses.

According to those rules, the frontend status timeline will show the order as approved, rejected, or awaiting approval. However, an email notification of approval or rejection will be sent only if the order reaches the Approved or Rejected status.

If the Wait and Pay workflow is selected, the order can be paid (and optionally canceled) by the customer once it reaches any Approval related status.


The approval area template (found in the frontend/approval area.php file within the plugin folder) can be modified and copied into the theme folder. The file must be saved in the theme folder/woocommerce-order-approval/frontend/approval area.php location.


The WPML translation plugin is supported by the WooCommerce Order Approval plugin. The special Text menu will then allow you to customize and translate texts.

Download WooCommerce Order Approval Plugin

The WooCommerce Order Approval Nulled is intended to work with the standard Woocommerce payment gateways. If you use a third-party payment gateway plugin, it may alter the normal WooCommerce payment workflow, preventing the plugin from functioning properly or causing unexpected behavior.


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