WooCommerce Product Add-Ons 6.4.7 Nulled

The WooCommerce expert created a few custom WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Nulled. Because of its functionality, speed, and product personalization features, the WooCommerce product add-on ranked first among the other plugins.

You can add radio buttons, text boxes, dropdowns, set custom images, and even change the prices while designing the product page. You can also use different addons to design products individually or add global add-ons.

Also, you can add many add-on fields to the product page while designing it. These fields can be added to individual products or to the entire website.

For a shopping experience that is as distinct as your customers

Customizing products, from adding a personal engraving to upgrading to premium fabric, can keep your customers coming back. With Product Add-Ons, you can quickly provide special options to your customers.

Product Add-Ons enable your customers to personalize products while shopping on your website. No more follow-up email requests—customers get what they want before they complete their purchase.

Text boxes, dropdowns, text areas, checkboxes, custom price inputs, and even sample images can be used to add options. From the edit product page, add-ons can be added globally or per-product.

Provide your customers with the options they desire

Product Add-Ons is one of the most popular WooCommerce extensions. It provides you and your customers with even more options, including (but not limited to):

Image-based selections

Why describe a customer’s personalization options when you can show them? A picture is worth a thousand words. Customers can see what they’re getting before they buy with image-based selections.

Flat fees

Customers should be charged a flat fee regardless of how many products they order. Ideal for a one-time setup fee or a rush fee.

Percentage fees

Charge a percentage of the total price for the add-on—this is especially useful for service-based add-ons that are difficult to reduce to a flat fee.

Text input

Allow your customers to enter custom text to customize a t-shirt, add a monogram, or personalize a card.


With a drop-down field for your add-on, customers can select from a few pre-defined options.


Make customization as simple and pleasurable as checking a box. Excellent for add-on services such as gift wrapping or express shipping.

Custom Price

Allow your customers to set their own price, which is ideal for tips, donations, and gratuities!

Add-ons can be named, described, reordered, and given prices (optionally).

The extension is also compatible with:

  • WooCommerce Subscriptions allows you to add extra options to subscription products.
  • WooCommerce Bookings – Provide upgrades such as an oil treatment for a massage, priority seating for a tour, or a rush fee for a rental.

When add-ons are enabled, they appear on product pages just above the add-to-cart button.

Are you ready to increase the adaptability of your store? Begin using Product Add-Ons right away.

Download WooCommerce Product Add-Ons

Now you can offer add-ons such as gift wrapping, personalized messages, or other unique options for your products with WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Free Download Plugin.


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