WooCommerce Product Badges 2.4.0 Nulled

With the ever-growing surge in online shopping, eCommerce stores are constantly seeking innovative ways to make their products stand out. One such way is through the use of product badges. If you’re running a WooCommerce store, this is a feature you don’t want to miss out on. Introducing the WooCommerce Product Badges Nulled — a dynamic tool designed to enhance your product presentation and boost sales. Let’s dive deep into its offerings.


WooCommerce, as a powerful eCommerce platform, offers myriad extensions and plugins to facilitate online sellers. Among these is the WooCommerce Product Badges, an extension specifically designed to highlight products using distinctive badges. Whether it’s a new arrival, a discount offer, or a best-seller, product badges draw attention to specific products, nudging customers to make a purchase.


  • Customizable Badge Design: Gone are the days of generic badges that blend into the crowd. With WooCommerce Product Badges, you have the power to design and customize badges that resonate with your brand’s aesthetics and messaging.
  • Automated Badge Assignment: Depending on your stock level or the age of a product, badges can be auto-assigned. This means that ‘new arrival’ or ‘low stock’ badges can appear automatically, reducing manual effort.
  • Date Schedule for Badges: Running a limited-time sale? Schedule your badges to appear during specific dates, ensuring timely promotions without the need for manual updates.
  • Priority Settings: When products qualify for multiple badges, decide which badge gets the limelight with the badge priority setting.
  • Text and Image Badges: Whether you want a simple text-based “SALE” badge or a more intricate image-based badge, this extension has you covered.
  • Adaptable Positioning: Not all products are photographed the same way. Place your badges at various positions on the product image to ensure maximum visibility and aesthetics.
  • Badge Preview: Before pushing the badge live, preview how it looks on the product to make informed decisions.
  • Mobile Responsive: In this age of mobile shopping, rest assured that your badges are optimized for mobile view, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for your customers.
  • Integration with Product Rules: Define specific conditions like ‘products priced above $100’ or ‘products in the clearance category’ to automatically assign badges, ensuring dynamic marketing tactics.
  • Multilingual Support: Cater to a global audience? Your badges can speak their language, thanks to the multilingual support.

Download WooCommerce Product Badges

WooCommerce Product Badges is not just a decorative tool; it’s a powerful marketing asset. By creating visually appealing cues, it directs customer attention where you want it, whether that’s on discounted items, new arrivals, or top-rated products. As online competition stiffens, using tools like the WooCommerce Product Badges can be the differentiator between a casual browser and a loyal customer. Elevate your WooCommerce store today and watch as these badges turn browsers into buyers!


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