WooCommerce Quick View Pro 3.0.6 Nulled (Acowebs)

The Woocommerce Quick View Pro Nulled Plugin allows users to take a quick look at products without having to open the entire product page. With the WooCommerce Quick View extension, users can easily engage with your products without being forwarded to the product detail page by navigating from one product to the next with previous and next product buttons, thereby enhancing the shopping experience and keeping users away from slow page loading.

Insert a Button in the product listing to initiate a Quick View.

To activate the Quick View feature for specific products, a button can be included on the product listing page. The Quick View backend allows you to customize the button position. The customizable button can also be created using the shortcode generated by the plugin’s backend.

Open Quick View in different types of styles.

The Quick View can be opened in two ways: as a modal window or as a cascading window. The modal window can display a window with product details, and the cascading window can be displayed directly below the existing row of the product listing.

Easily customizable Quick View contents

The WooCommerce Quick View Pro backend settings allow you to easily customize the Quick View triggers and Quick View contents. The Quick view backend makes it simple to update the style properties. Backend customization also allows you to change properties like gallery width, quick view width, gallery position, and so on.

Quick View backend to customize the trigger

You can easily customize the Quick View trigger by using the quick view backend. Color, label, background, border, and trigger style are all editable from the quick view backend. Triggers can be created using various styles such as icon only, label only, label+icon, and icon+label. The pre-built icons are also available in the backend for selecting Quick View trigger icons.

Easily customizable Quick View gallery

The WooCommerce Quick View Pro gallery can be easily customized. The gallery styles can be selected and customized from the backend. The administrator can specify whether the arrows should be displayed, whether autoplay is required, whether the gallery with thumbnail slider should be displayed, and so on.

Enable the button in the Quickview to go to the detail page.

To enable the button to navigate to the product detail page, use the quick view backend. The label can be easily customized, and the button styles can be changed from the quick view backend. If you don’t want to use the style configuration, set the style to default.

Ajax Add to Cart Functionality

The product can be added to the cart directly from the Quick view window using Ajax without reloading the page. This speeds up browsing and makes it more user-friendly.

List most viewed products with Quick View

The most popular products can be listed in the Quick view section by the administrator. When a user uses the Quick View to visit a specific product, the product visit count is increased. As a result of these counts, the administrator can determine whether the user is interested in the products.

Choose sections to be displayed in Quick View

The admin can choose whether or not to show the sections within the Woocommerce Quick View. The admin can easily manage the contents of your Quick View window using the backend quick view settings.

Navigate to a related product from Quick View

Users can navigate to previous and subsequent products without closing the Quick view window. Product navigation can be enabled from the backend, and arrows for previous and next products can be displayed.

Social media sharing

Backend users can enable the Woocommerce social share plugin. Select the social media platforms that should be displayed in the WooCommerce quick view and allow users to share your Woocommerce products across social media platforms.

Choose Custom Icons

Quick view icons can all be customized in the quick view backend. The quick view close button, product navigation arrows, gallery slider arrows, Quick View trigger icon, preloader image, and other elements can be chosen from the pre-built icons and loaders available in the quick view backend.

Download WooCommerce Quick View Pro Nulled

Instead of opening the entire product page, the Woocommerce Quick View Free Download plugin enables users to take a quick look at the products. By using the previous and next product buttons to navigate from one product to the next, users can interact with your products without being taken directly to the product detail page, speeding up the shopping experience and keeping them away from pages that take a long time to load.


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