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WordPress is renowned for its diverse range of plugins, making life easier for website administrators. Among these, the WordPress Automatic Plugin Nulled stands out as a jewel in the crown for content creators. This plugin enables you to automatically post content from almost any website, including popular platforms like YouTube and Twitter, and even generate content using OpenAI’s GPT-3! In this post, we will delve into the multifaceted features of WordPress Automatic Plugin and how it can streamline your content strategy.


WordPress Automatic Plugin is a cutting-edge tool that takes automation to a whole new level. With the ability to import content from numerous sources and even generate text via OpenAI GPT-3, it saves time and energy, allowing you to focus on what really matters – engaging with your audience and growing your brand.

WordPress Automatic Plugin Features

Let’s unravel the array of features this plugin offers:

OpenAI GPT-3 Integration

Simply input your desired keywords or custom prompts, and the plugin will summon articles from OpenAI GPT-3 matching your input. It supports all languages and custom prompts.

RSS Feeds Integration

Auto post content from RSS feeds, including full content, author, tags, categories, and featured images.

Single-Page Scraper

With WordPress Automatic Plugin you can extract specific content from any web page. The plugin will keep monitoring this content and automatically create or update posts.

Multi-Page Scraper

Scrape and import multiple posts from any website, including paginated content.

E-Commerce Platform Integration

Import products from Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, and ClickBank. The plugin offers full WooCommerce support, product galleries, and automatically sets affiliate links and prices.

Envato Market Integration

Auto post content from Envato markets like CC & ThemeForest, either by keyword, tag, category, or a specific seller.

Craigslist Listings Integration

Automatically import and publish listings from Craigslist.

Job Portal Integration

Import job listings from CareerJet with the option to filter by keyword, location, contract type, and period.

Social Media Integration

Auto post content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, TikTok, including extensive filtering options, importing comments, tags, videos, images, and more.

Image & Video Hosting Services Integration

Auto post content from Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion by keywords, usernames, channels, or specific playlists/albums.

SoundCloud Integration

Post audio from SoundCloud by keyword, username, or specific playlist.

iTunes Integration

Post anything from iTunes including Music, Apps, Podcasts, eBooks, audio books, Movies, TV shows.

EzineArticles Integration

Import articles from ezinearticles.com by keyword.

Spintax Content Generation

If you have content in Spintax form, the plugin can generate unlimited articles and auto-publish them to WordPress.

These features empower you to curate and publish diverse content effortlessly, ensuring that your website stays fresh and engaging.

Download WordPress Automatic Plugin

The WordPress Automatic Plugin Free Download is a powerhouse for content. It’s key in a fast-paced digital world where fresh and timely content matters. The plugin offers a wide range of features. For instance, it pulls content from social media and e-commerce sites. The standout feature is the tie-up with OpenAI’s GPT-3. This lets you create new, quality content in any language.

The best part? It saves time. Content creators and website managers often get stuck in repetitive tasks. This plugin cuts down on these. You get to focus on thinking big, crafting ideas, and connecting with your audience.

In short, this plugin is perfect for anyone with a website. Be it a business owner, a marketer, a blogger, or a site manager. Think of it as a tool that’s not just handy but essential.

Investing in this plugin means investing in time-saving and quality. You get to weave your brand’s tale without fretting about the legwork.

Get the WordPress Automatic Plugin. Jump into an endless sea of content options. Stay ahead, and make your mark. Use this plugin as your ladder to a vibrant and engaging web presence.


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