WP-Optimize Premium 3.2.19 Nulled

WP-Optimize Cache Premium Nulled is an all-in-one WordPress performance plugin that caches your site, cleans your database, and compresses your images.

Our cache feature is based on the fastest caching engine in the world. This straightforward, well-liked, and highly effective tool contains everything you need to keep your website fast and thoroughly optimized!

It accomplishes this in three clever ways:

  • It gives you the ability to clean and optimize your database.
  • It provides the option of compressing your images.
  • It enables you to cache your pages for lightning-fast load times (read more caching information below).

It also lets you minify and synchronize CSS and JavaScript (also known as “defer CSS JavaScript”).

Extensive testing shows that the cache feature alone can make WordPress sites at least as fast, if not faster, than any other caching or speed plugin available. However, when the cache is combined with database optimization, image compression features, and minify, the speed difference between alternative solutions is significant.

Furthermore, the built-in minify feature adds another layer of optimization by reducing the size and number of requests made to your server.

1. Cleans The Database

Your WordPress database contains everything you need for your website, as well as many things you don’t. WP-Optimize Cache Premium removes all unnecessary data, cleans up your tables, and even recovers space lost due to data fragmentation.

It is mobile-friendly and extremely simple to use:

  • Removes all unnecessary data (for example, trashed/unapproved/spam comments and stale data), as well as pingbacks, trackbacks, and expired transient options.
  • A single button press compacts/defragments MySQL tables.
  • You have complete control over which optimizations you want to perform.
  • Carries out automatic weekly (or otherwise) clean-ups
  • Retains a set number of weeks’ data during clean-ups
  • Performs optimizations without the need for running manual queries
  • UpdraftPlus can automatically trigger a pre-optimized backup.
  • Display database statistics as well as potential savings.

Why is this significant?

  • As data is added, removed, and moved around, the tables in MySQL (the database that WordPress uses) will become inefficient. Requesting that MySQL optimize its tables on a regular basis will keep your site running as quickly as possible. It will not happen on its own.
  • WordPress creates a revision of a new post or page every time you save it. If you edit a post six times, you may have five revisions of that post. This quickly adds a lot of rarely-used data to your database tables, bloating them and making them slower to access.
  • WP-Optimize Premium Cache can clean and remove thousands of spam and unapproved comments from your comments table with a single click.
  • WP-Optimize Cache will show you which database tables have overhead and wasted space so you can reduce them.
  • Cleans your database automatically every week and adheres to the “Keep last [selected number] weeks data” option.

Wp-optimize Cache Helps You To:

Make space

When you make changes to a post or page on your website, WordPress saves the new revision to the database. If you edit something a few times (especially if the post is long), your database will quickly become clogged with old revisions that just sit there, taking up valuable space. WP-Optimize Cache eliminates these extraneous post revisions, freeing up valuable Megabytes of data and increasing speed and efficiency. It also cleans up your comments table with a single click, removing all spam and unapproved comments that have accumulated.

Take control

WP-Optimize Cache reports on which of your database tables have unnecessary overhead and wasted space, giving you the knowledge, control, and power to keep your website neat, fast, and efficient.

Keep it clean and fast

Once enabled, WP-Optimize Cache can run an automatic clean-up on a schedule, retaining a specified number of weeks’ data.

2. Compresses Images

Loading large images is frequently the cause of your site’s slow loading time.

WP-Optimize Cache includes an image-compression tool that converts large images (which take a long time to load) into compressed files saved in your image library, where they can be uploaded in an instant.

It can compress PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, and TIF images up to 5MB in size and comes with a slew of other useful features, including:

  • Bulk compression, which allows you to compress multiple existing images at once.
  • The intelligent, multi-pass lossy compression algorithm provides twice the compression with much less quality loss.
  • The ‘Restore Originals’ function allows you to recover or revert to your original images at any time.
  • The auto-compress function compresses images as they are added to the site.
  • EXIF Data-Keeping means that image information is kept even after the image has been compressed.

This WordPress plugin allows you to speed up your page without sacrificing image quality.

3. Caches Pages

Depending on your setup, page caching may be the most important factor in improving the speed and performance of your website.

Caching is the process of storing dynamic data in a temporary storage area so that it can be retrieved quickly. Caching is a sure-fire way to ensure that web pages load quickly.

When a user visits any page or post on your site, our powerful yet simple cache feature generates the cache. WordPress processes the dynamic php files to generate that page, which we save as a static html file in the cache folder so that the page is cached and does not need to be processed when the next user visits. This caching results in much faster loading times and gives your server a short break. As a result, caching improves speed and performance while reducing server resource consumption.

Caching your site with WP-Optimize Premium Free Download Cache is simple with minimal configuration thanks to a slew of useful features, including:

  • Cache preloading ensures that the cache is always ready and loaded.
  • Gzip compression of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to reduce site load time.
  • Device-specific caching ensures that the optimized page version is always served.
  • Advanced cache exclusion rules allow you to cache almost anything by excluding logged in users, specific URLs, or cookies.
  • Browser Cache instructs client browsers to reuse cached resources (HTML, CSS, JS, images) if no changes have been made since the last request.

Combine and minify CSS and Javascript

WP-Optimize Cache has a more advanced minification feature in addition to its three main features. By combining and minifying your site’s assets, you can reduce the number of requests to your server as well as their size (by minifying their content).

Together with caching and Gzip compression, this will improve the performance and time to “first contentful paint”.

You can also defer CSS and JavaScript using the minify feature. Deferring CSS and JavaScript allows you to load non-critical assets after the main page has loaded, resulting in a noticeable speed increase. Minifying and deferring CSS and JavaScript is also beneficial to Google PageSpeed Insights!

Overall, WP-Optimize combines the best cache and optimization technology into a single, seamless plugin to make your WordPress site faster, leaner, and more efficient.

Wp-optimize Cache Premium

WP-Optimize Cache’s free version is excellent, but the Premium version a more powerful with additional features that provide the ultimate in freedom and flexibility:

Multisite Support

extends database optimizations to work for multiple WordPress sites at once. WP-Optimize Cache Premium is required if you manage more than one website.

Flexibility and Control

instead of having to optimize all database tables, allows you to optimize specific individual tables or a specific combination of tables on one or more WordPress websites.

Deleting unused and unwanted images

removes orphaned images from your WordPress site, as well as images of a specific size.

Sophisticated Scheduling

provides a variety of scheduling options for automatic optimization. Set a specific time and run clean-ups daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, as well as perform any number of additional one-time optimizations.

Seamless Graphical User Interface

for exceptional clarity in scheduling and managing multi-site optimizations.

WP-CLI support

If you have a large number of sites, you can manage optimizations from a command-line interface.

Lazy Loading

Load only the images and parts of a web page that are visible to the user, allowing them to see something quickly.

Optimization Preview

allows users to preview, select, and remove data and records from the database that are available for optimization.

Preload key requests

As recommended by Google PageSpeed Insights, preload assets such as web fonts and icon fonts.

Premium support

Caching is one of the most complicated things you can do for a website, so premium support gives you peace of mind that there will be someone to talk to quickly if you need any technical answers or assistance configuring the optimization.

Download WP-Optimize Premium Nulled WordPress Plugin

Cleaning up your MySQL databases is extremely important for your website, and if you are unfamiliar with this, WP-Optimize Premium Free Download is an excellent plugin to use. Many WordPress webmasters have provided positive feedback and reviews after using this plugin, and we strongly recommend that you optimize your databases at least once every few months.


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