WPC Price by Quantity for WooCommerce Premium 4.1.0 Nulled

WPC Price by Quantity for WooCommerce plugin

Encourage customers to buy more and increase their order value is a difficult task, but store owners have several options. Offering quantity-based pricing would be one of the most effective and powerful methods of enticing buyers with few convincing actions required.

There are two types of quantity-based pricing: volume pricing and tiered pricing. Volume pricing is most beneficial to manufacturers and wholesalers because it encourages customers to purchase more items in order to enjoy a lower average price. However, WPC Price by Quantity for WooCommerce Premium Nulled is more than just a discount tool; it’s also an advanced tiered pricing tool. Store owners can create different pricing tiers in which they can raise or lower the price for the next tier. The total will be calculated by adding all applicable tier subtotals. Furthermore, based on the user role on the site, these pricings can be assigned to a specific group of users. However, wholesalers can enjoy significantly lower pricing than retailers or customers.

This plugin enables store owners to configure various pricing options in a table layout based on different quantities. It’s extremely simple to set up, and users can watch a live demonstration as the indicator slides to show the active unit price corresponding to the current quantity level in the frontend. This plugin, by definition, supports both volume pricing and tiered pricing – the two best marketing strategies that encourage customers to upgrade their order size by increasing the quantity of products while sellers can make a better profit without having to tighten their budget too much.

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Outstanding Advantages

  • Encourage customers to increase their order value
  • Set up discounts in bulk for different user roles
  • Support a broad range of customers at a time
  • Increase revenue based on high-volume sales
  • Facilitate the cumulative tiered price calculation


  • Two modes: Global or Individual Pricing
  • There are two pricing methods: volume pricing and tiered pricing.
  • Sources: all products, categories, tags, brands, types, attributes, etc. (NEW)
  • Price format: a number for a fixed price or a percentage of the main price
  • Disable and overwriting pricing rules on individual products
  • Customize the position of the price table on a single product page
  • Customize the color and background color of the active price row
  • Real-time display of active prices based on the quantity chosen
  • Customize the After a text to show the benefits in each quantity level
  • Role-based pricing for administrators, editors, customers, shop managers, etc.
  • Multiple pricing sets can be configured for the same sources and user roles
  • Compatible with most common WordPress themes and WooCommerce plugins
  • Show the saved amount or percentage after the price

Tiered Pricing vs Volume Pricing

WPC Price by Quantity for WooCommerce provides two pricing options: volume pricing and tiered pricing. These are two very different approaches to calculating the total using quantity-based unit prices.

Volume pricing: will be used, with one unit price corresponding to each quantity level.

Tiered pricing: the total will include multiple unit prices from all tiers corresponding to the quantity level.

Look at the following pricing table:

  • Main product price: $10
  • Quantity level 1: 3 >> price: 95%
  • Quantity level 2: 5 >> price: 90%
  • Quantity level 3: 10 >> price: $5

With the volume pricing method, if customers choose 20 for the quantity, it corresponds to quantity level 3, so the total will be: 20 x $5 = $100.

With the tiered pricing method, if the quantity is 20, the total will be calculated as: first 3 items x (95% of $10) + next 5 items x (90% of $10) + the last 12 items x $5 = 3 x 9.5 + 5 x 9 + 12 x 5 = $133.5 (higher cumulative total).

Because it does not apply a unit price flatly to all items, the tiered pricing method always yields a higher total when compared to the same unit prices used for volume pricing. Using tiered pricing is analogous to constructing a multi-story house, with each floor representing a pricing tier. Store owners are free to use whatever pricing method they prefer.

Individual Pricing vsĀ Global Pricing

WPClever >> Price by Quantity allows users to easily create global pricing tables for different user roles. These pricing tables will be applied to all products in the store. That is why they are referred to as Global pricing tables.

In the Premium version of this plugin, you can disable or overwrite these tables at the product level. Users can configure specific pricing sets based on various roles for individual products in the Price by Quantity tab of single product pages’ Product Data section.

Based on their role on the site, different user groups can be assigned Global pricing and Individual pricing sets. As a result, different pricing methods can be assigned to different user roles for each product.

Pricing Applications: Sources

Users can now create global pricing sets for multiple products at the same time, including all products (storewide), categories, tags, brands, attributes, and product types (woosb, woosg, wooco, simple, variable, subscription,…). As a result, configuring pricing rules based on quantity in bulk will save a significant amount of time and labor.

Furthermore, the same user role can now be used multiple times in different pricing tables. When a product is assigned to multiple pricing sets from different tables and the sources conflict, the first valid set is used.

For example, set A is the pricing table for shop managers and the category “T-shirt”. Set B is the pricing table for shop managers and all products with the “new” tag. Set A will be applied if Product A is in the T-shirt category and has the tag “new” at the same time, as it is the first applicable set based on order.

Interactive Pricing Table

The goal of quantity-based pricing is to encourage customers to upgrade to a higher level of quantity shown in the table, thereby increasing the size of their order and obtaining higher discounts. Customers will know how much they can save for the order if all unit prices are presented based on increasing levels of quantity.

The real-time indicator will inform customers of the unit price that will be applied to the quantity selected. When customers are about to reach a quantity level, they are more likely to upgrade to the next one if the discount is too good to pass up. This results in a higher and larger order than they intended. Buyers will sometimes band together to qualify for the quantity-based discount, which benefits sellers by saving time on order management and processing.

Customers can save money if they increase the quantity of their order by reading the After text for each quantity level and unit price. Alternatively, this line can be used to provide more information about the measurement unit or tax rate. Users can easily use the default text or enter a different phrase for each line. In tiered pricing, an extra column will be added to break down the quantity chosen to correspond with each tier, and the subtotal for each tier will be shown to precisely build the final total.

Download WPC Price by Quantity for WooCommerce Premium

With WPC Price by Quantity for WooCommerce Premium Free Download you can Encourage customers to buy and increasing order value is no easy task, but there are many ways for store owners to do so. Offering volume-based pricing is one of the most effective and powerful ways to convince buyers with little persuasive action.


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