WPC Product Table for WooCommerce Premium 2.2.7 Nulled

The WPC Product Table for WooCommerce Premium is a powerful plugin that incorporates professional features and functions to provide a customized display of products and services for online stores. With just one click, WooCommerce sellers now have a versatile assistant in highlighting the most promising hot items in your store and bringing about a fascinating look on your store.

The table is highly customizable; users can define new columns and personalize the front-end display to match the design scheme of their site. The information is presented in the most straightforward and informative manner possible, allowing your customers to find their favorite goods and services faster without having to scroll through long, boring pages. This will eventually lead to faster decision-making and purchases.

Amazingly, the most powerful features are available for free. WPC Product Table for WooCommerce Nulled can assist medium and small-sized businesses that rely on fast ordering, quick services, form filing, wholesale trade, restaurants, and food ordering sites in increasing sales and revenues.

In the coming updates, we’ll try to incorporate more features from our other WPC plugins into this one to give your site more power.


  • Add products by searching for them with a keyword in the Product source.
  • Pull multiple items from the Category, Tags, or Attributes sources at once.
  • To achieve the best results, arrange the products in the preferred order.
  • Limit the number of products that can be added to each table.
  • Put the shortcode anywhere you want to show off the table.
  • It is simple to add multiple products at once and to specify specific exclusions.
  • Instant search, item display limit filtering, and pagination are all available.
  • Drag and drop to rearrange the property columns, which can contain up to 16 different types.
  • Select an appropriate design for individual tables.
  • Ready for translation: fill in the blanks with the provided strings.

Flexible Sources

Users can select products for the table in a variety of ways. You must select only one of the following sources to pull products from:

  • Product: manually enter a keyword for each product, then click to add to the list.
  • Enter the keyword to select one or more categories.
  • Tags: enter one or more tags to add multiple tag-matching products at once.

Design that is intuitive

Within a few seconds, users can build product tables step by step and customize the design. The design is truly intuitive because the exact settings from the backend are presented. The drag and drop builder, in conjunction with individual dropdowns for configuring the details of each column, can come in handy.

Orderable Columns

When the option “Orderable: Yes” was selected, customers could change the order of each column of product property to their liking and save time when searching for products. Furthermore, this feature can be turned on or off for individual columns. The arrow symbols on the frontend make it simple to arrange items in ascending or descending order. This makes it much easier to find the best option to buy in much less time, which greatly improves the order placement or service reservation process.

Download WPC Product Table for WooCommerce Premium Plugin

Packed with professional features and functionality, WPC Product Table for WooCommerce Premium Free is a practically powerful plugin for providing customized product and service displays for your online store. With a one-click install, WooCommerce sellers now have a versatile assistant to spotlight the most promising and popular products in their store and give them an attractive look.


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