WPC Smart Compare for WooCommerce Premium 6.1.3 Nulled

WPC Smart Compare for WooCommerce Premium Nulled appears to be an important tool for enhancing the effectiveness of sales strategies for online shops and stores. We spent a significant amount of time and effort researching customer behaviors, popular search mechanisms, and functions while developing this plugin.

The smart comparison systems, with fully customizable and highly advanced comparing features, can propel your company to the top of the revenue and profit charts. Most importantly, while our plugin has resulted in a significant increase in profits for online stores, it can also effectively build satisfaction and confidence in providing customers with exactly what they require.

WPC Smart Compare for WooCommerce Premium Features

  • AJAX functions that are extremely powerful (no need to open a new tab or iframe)
  • The comparison table has two modes: highlight differences and hide similarities.
  • Activate or deactivate the Quick Comparison Table for related products.
  • Change the position of the Quick Comparison Table on individual product pages.
  • Drag and drop to rearrange the order of the products in the comparison line.
  • Change the comparison table’s horizontal and vertical views.
  • Change the visibility of the Compare button for products in specific categories.
  • Keep login information for registered/subscribed users (same function as the Wishlist plugin)
  • When searching for items in the comparison table, auto-prompt related products.
  • When the table is empty or no related products are found, prompt for new products right away.
  • On any touch device, the view is fully responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • Sticky first column and row in a dynamic comparison table
  • Adding buttons to specific pages with custom shortcodes
  • You have an infinite number of bar background and button color options.
  • Hide/show attributes in the comparison table for a clearer view.
  • WPML integration is used to create multilingual websites.
  • Advanced settings for the Compare button: type, text, visibility, categories, and product removal
  • Advanced comparison table settings: fields, attributes, sticky column & row
  • Settings for the comparison bar include the Add More button, the Remove All button, the bar’s appearance, and so on.
  • All attributes can be customized.
  • All product fields can be customized.
  • Free customization of the compare button to the customer’s theme design.

Why should you use the WPC Smart Compare plugin?

When it comes to determining the worth of a product, people are always unsure whether the price is reasonable. That is when they require one or more comparable products to compare. Customers may spend more time browsing the catalog or store for items of interest, but this is a waste of time and effort. This tool assists buyers in selecting the best product for them by comparing products. Because customers can review the essential features of the products, store owners have a better chance of convincing them to choose quality over price and thus purchase more expensive items without promotions.

A Reliable Method of Communicating with Customers

We must always compare one item to another (or even more) in order to determine how much we are willing to pay for it. Many factors can influence price perception, one of which is the concept of relativity. By displaying a product alongside other better, more expensive items, sellers force their customers to choose between saving money and enjoying quality. In fact, research has shown that how customers decide to buy a product is heavily influenced by how store owners communicate information about their products. As a result, sellers can imply which deal is the best to take without making explicit notice, which can sometimes be misinterpreted as advertising to buyers.

The Best Shopping Assistant for Both Sellers and Buyers

Your customers usually respond in one of three ways: they buy a cheaper item, they choose the average option, or they choose the best. Respectively, these can be translated into three groups of buyers: the “savers”, the “certain” and the “generous”. Regardless of your customers’ preferences, comparing goods can be a better way to show them why they should buy from your store. Users can use the drag and drop method to add, remove, or rearrange attributes. Furthermore, they can use the predefined fields or add custom fields – a premium feature not found in most WordPress plugins. Customers can add new products to the line at their leisure using the Ajax search, and remove unwanted ones by pressing the Close button or repressing the Compare button on the product page. As a result, the comparison will remain objective and reasonable for both buyers and sellers.

Quick Comparison Table

Quick Comparison Table can be enabled to help customers choose products. A table displaying products related to the main product will be displayed while browsing on the single product page for a quick comparison of similar items. This greatly assists customers in making the right decision and encourages them to make better decisions faster, significantly improving the conversion rate.

Users can customize the list of related products on the Quick Comparison Table by installing the WPC Custom Related Products plugin and configuring the list in the Related Products tab of each single product page. Users can also change the position of this Quick Comparison Table or replace it with the Related Products section. Allowing customers to compare multiple similar products at the same time will make the purchasing process more efficient and effective.

Smart Design: Horizontal or Vertical Viewpoint

Camming everything in the comparison table simply makes it more difficult for customers to make a decision. With a few clicks, anything with comparable features, whether physical or virtual goods, can be included in a comprehensive comparison. Users can specify the maximum number of compared items, allowing customers to add as many as they want. There’s no need to worry about your visitors getting lost because the comparison table works in both horizontal and vertical views. A maximum of 5 products can be compared in horizontal view (with products as columns and attributes as rows). When this number exceeds 5, it is recommended that you switch to vertical mode (the products and attributes exchange the place).

This is useful not only for stores with large product lines, but also for multi-vendor shops that want to compare multiple items from different companies or brands.

Popup View Compatible

WPC Smart Compare for WooCommerce Premium Free Download offers a dynamic table that can be opened in a popup view so that customers can interact with it more to get a better result. They can add new products by entering keywords into the search box that appears, or they can easily remove them by pressing the close button. Compared items are arranged in a row at the table’s bottom comparison bar. Visitors can exit the comparing session by clicking the Close button or simply clicking outside of the popup window. They can proceed from where they were without having to go back and forth after the comparing session.

Dynamic Table – Custom as You Love

Comparing things is always difficult for most of us because we have to consider so many factors, most notably the prices and features, the savings and benefits we can obtain, to name a few. Most comparison tables are static, with pre-selected products and little ability for visitors to change how the data is displayed. Customers may become so overwhelmed and bored by this type of table that they overlook important features. WPC Smart Compare’s dynamic table provides a plethora of more advanced options for both users and visitors to customize the appearance and compare results. The dynamic feature of the comparison table will always be prominent on all types of touch devices with varying screen resolutions.

Fully Customizable “Compare” Button

Users can set it as a link instead of a Compare button. Furthermore, the actions to be triggered by pressing it are selectable: open in a popup view or open in a new tab page. The first time you press this button, the product will be added to the comparison line. Visitors can remove the item by repressing the Compare button, which is a hidden feature for users to consider. If disabled, pressing it again will simply open the comparison table without adding a duplicated product to the line. Users can modify the text of the button or use the default/translation for multilingual sites. There’s also the option to delete everything at once for a fresh start. The position of the comparison bar can also be changed for a better browsing experience. It can be positioned at the top or bottom of the page.

Stay on Track with Sticky First Column & Row

When customers add too many products to the line, it’s common to lose track. They must repeatedly scroll up and down to compare features. They are likely to forget what they just read and abandon the comparison. Smart Compare allows users to mark the first column, row, or both as sticky, as intended for convenience. As a result, as visitors scroll up and down, the first row and column will remain in place. Furthermore, if the features and attributes on the popup screen take up too much space, visitors can choose to Hide or Show them by pressing the button in the corner. Because of its responsiveness, the table will shrink or expand as needed.

Comparison Button and Bar Redesign – Hot Freebie

WPC Smart Compare for WooCommerce Premium provides an infinite number of color options for the background and button. However, if you require a personalized customization of the compare button to match your elegant heme design, please contact us. Our developer will review your theme’s appearance and assist you in making changes for FREE. However, we intend to add more jaw-dropping features to this plugin in future updates in order to create the ultimate comparing tool for your business to see blossoming growth. Please stay tuned and show your support for our plugin.

Social Share Button

A list of compared items can be shared with other social accounts via link sharing. A custom is created when users click the Share button. They can copy the link and use social media to share the current being compared list with others.

Powerful Comparison Methods

Two brand new comparison methods have been introduced into the compare popup since version 4.4.0 to help users power their comparisons and make better decisions. Buyers can now go to Settings and check or uncheck the respective method to Hide similarities and/or Highlight differences between compared items.


WPC Smart Compare for WooCommerce Premium Free Download is an essential plugin for e-commerce businesses seeking to enhance customer experience and boost sales. With its highly customizable and dynamic comparison tables, user-friendly interface, and interactive features, it facilitates informed decision-making for customers. By enabling shoppers to effortlessly compare products, the plugin not only streamlines the purchasing process but also builds customer confidence and satisfaction, making it an invaluable asset for any online store.


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