XSender 1.5.3 Nulled – Bulk Email, SMS and WhatsApp Messaging Application

XSender is a cutting-edge Laravel web application that empowers marketers, business owners, and communication professionals to efficiently send bulk Emails, SMS, and WhatsApp messages. With a user-friendly interface and diverse features, XSender Nulled simplifies reaching a large audience while enhancing messaging campaigns. Its versatility allows users to manage contacts easily, send mass emails using various file formats, and conduct cost-effective SMS campaigns through the Android SMS Sending App.

Integrating with multiple SMS API Gateways ensures reliable SMS delivery, while email sending methods like SMTP, PHP Mailer, and SendGrid API offer customization options for tailored campaigns. XSender’s white-label app customization further adds a professional touch, making it the ultimate solution for seamless and impactful communication.

Key Features

Send Mass Email

This PHP Script allows you to send mass emails effortlessly using various supported file formats, including CSV, Excel, and TXT. Additionally, you can send emails directly from groups that you’ve organized and stored within your XSender panel. This feature enables you to manage your contacts efficiently and tailor your email campaigns effectively.

Send Mass SMS

With XSender Free Download, sending SMS to a large number of recipients becomes a seamless process. Similar to the email feature, you can send bulk SMS using CSV, Excel, or TXT files or send messages directly from your organized groups. This flexibility ensures that you can effortlessly communicate with your target audience.

WhatsApp Messaging

XSender takes your messaging capabilities to the next level by offering support for WhatsApp messaging. You can now send WhatsApp messages in bulk using CSV, Excel, or TXT files, as well as through your stored groups. XSender even allows you to add multiple WhatsApp accounts to your panel for enhanced versatility.

Android SMS Sending APP

To further optimize your SMS sending process, XSender provides an Android SMS sending app that utilizes your country’s mobile SIM card for lower SMS costs. By downloading the DEMO APP, you can explore the functionality and experience the cost-saving benefits firsthand. The app’s dual SIM support ensures faster and smoother SMS transfers, streamlining your communication efforts.

SMS API Gateway

XSender seamlessly integrates with seven different SMS API Gateways, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs. This integration ensures reliable SMS delivery and expands your options for sending SMS through external services.

Email Sending Methods

XSender offers multiple email sending methods, including SMTP, PHP Mailer, and SendGrid API. This versatility enables you to select the most appropriate method for your email campaigns, ensuring higher deliverability rates and a more personalized experience for your recipients.

White-Level App Customization

After downloading the XSender script, you gain the ability to customize SMS Gateway Apps with your logo, name, and package name for up to two apps. This customization adds a professional touch to your messaging process and strengthens your brand identity.

How XSender Works:

  1. Install Admin Panel: Upon downloading the XSender script, you’ll receive a PHP Laravel web application file along with an installation script. The straightforward installation process eliminates the need for coding experience, allowing you to set up XSender seamlessly on your cPanel or VPS server.
  2. Configure Mail: From the admin panel, you can easily configure email settings for sending mass emails using SMTP, PHP Mailer, or the SendGrid API. Additionally, you can set a default method for sending emails and mail notifications, ensuring smooth and efficient email delivery.
  3. Configure SMS Gateway: XSender allows you to configure up to four SMS gateways of your choice using their respective configuration data. This feature ensures reliable SMS delivery and also provides the option to send SMS through the Android SMS Sending App for cost-effective messaging.
  4. Install Android App: Upon downloading the script, you can download the release APK file from the documentation. Installing the app is a breeze, and the accompanying documentation provides step-by-step instructions with screenshots for a seamless setup process.
  5. Configure SIM Into Device: Once you log into the SMS sending app, you can easily configure the SIM with the appropriate country code and SMS limit. This step is crucial for ensuring the correct delivery of SMS messages through the Android app.
  6. Ready to Send SMS: With the setup complete, you can start sending SMS using either the API or the Android app, allowing you to choose the most suitable method for your messaging needs.
  7. SMS Status Tracking: The script automatically tracks the status of SMS messages, providing real-time updates on their progress. The statuses include Working, Pending, Processing, Delivered, or Failed, and this information is efficiently maintained through Cron Jobs.

How WhatsApp Messaging Works:

To utilize WhatsApp messaging with XSender, follow these three easy steps for setting up the WhatsApp node server:

  1. Step 1: Set Up the Node Environment: Ensure that you have Node.js installed on your machine. If not, visit the official Node.js website (nodejs.org) to download the appropriate installer for your operating system. Follow the installation instructions to complete the setup.
  2. Step 2: Locate the XSender Root Project: Navigate to the root directory of the XSender project on your local machine. This is where the main XSender files are located.
  3. Step 3: Run the XSender WhatsApp Command: Open a terminal or command prompt and navigate to the XSender root project directory. Use the provided XSender WhatsApp command, as described in the documentation, to start the WhatsApp node server. Follow the instructions in the documentation to scan the QR code with your device and link it to the XSender application for session management.

Download XSender PHP Script

In conclusion, XSender is a top Laravel web app. It’s built for mass Emails, SMS, and WhatsApp messages. It’s easy to use with various features. These features make reaching a broad audience simple. This boosts marketing and communication efforts.

The app integrates well with different SMS API Gateways. It also supports many email sending methods. This versatility makes it adaptable to different communication needs. Key features include sending mass emails and SMS, WhatsApp messaging, an Android SMS sending app, and custom branding.

Setting up XSender is easy, even for those with no coding experience. It can send tailored mass emails and cost-effective SMS messages. XSender also tracks SMS statuses in real-time. This ensures efficient delivery and helps users adjust campaigns as needed.

In short, XSender is a full-featured communication tool. It boosts efficiency and effectiveness in mass messaging.


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