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The YITH Booking and Appointment for WooCommerce Premium extension allow you to manage bookings in your store in a very simple and professional manner.

When you start using it, you’ll notice how simple it is to manage bookings for your vacation home by utilizing a set of tools that will allow you to dynamically calculate price and availability for users’ bookings.

You’ll always be informed of any new or upcoming bookings thanks to a dedicated calendar and an automated email system.

What you can gain from it:

  • Create your own Airbnb site, where you can manage bookings for rooms or apartments, set check-in and check-out times, limit the number of guests who can book, and offer additional free or paid services such as parking, cleaning, linen change, and so on.
  • Configure daily or hourly booking and appointment management for each type of service. You will be able to manage an effective appointment and booking calendar whether you manage a law office, a beauty salon, or give guitar lessons (and also synchronize it with your Google calendar).
  • Rent anything on your site: with YITH Booking and Appointment for WooCommerce Premium Free Download, you can rent out cars, surfboards, bikes, a smart working room, parking spaces or a garage, sport equipment, and so on.
  • Manage not only hotel reservations, but also travels, experiences, and events. An all-inclusive solution for any type of business: travel agencies, hotels, bed and breakfasts, campsites, vacation villages, and tour operators. You can let your customers book their stay, their bike, an excursion and the necessary equipment, a guided tour, a museum visit, or a themed dinner with just one plugin. You are capable of doing all of this and much more.

The complete solution to build a Booking, Renting and Appointment site based on WooCommerce

Do you need to see a doctor or make a dentist appointment? Even your usual Friday dinner out at your favorite Italian restaurant is only possible if you remember to reserve a table ahead of time. What about your personal trainer, hairdresser, Spanish lessons, plumber, moving truck, and so on? Our daily lives are filled with appointments and services to schedule.

Let’s be honest: it would make our lives a lot easier if all of these businesses used an online booking system. This would save us from writing down endless phone numbers and dates on scraps of paper that we would inevitably misplace.

The best way to manage bookings, rentals, reservations, and appointments for both businesses and customers is through a WooCommerce site enhanced with a complete booking solution, designed to make everything run more smoothly and easily.

YITH Booking for WooCommerce integrates a WooCommerce-based e-commerce site with a powerful booking system that can be used by both customers and vendors: this is ideal for all professionals who cannot rely solely on sales: real estate and travel agencies, hairdressers, doctors, business consultants, and so on.

Create unlimited bookable products and services

Would you like to allow your customers to book a single service (such as a dentist appointment) or create a portal with one hundred apartments for rent? YITH Booking & Appointments for WooCommerce is the ideal solution for any product or service that is available for booking, rental, or hire. Use the Google API to add an image to identify the products, a description, and, if desired, an address or location to help your users find you more easily.

Set the booking duration and if users can book months, days, hours, or minutes

Booking requirements vary depending on the service or product; for example, you can accept only weekly or monthly bookings for apartments while also accepting hourly bookings for a counseling service, a therapist, or your personal training session. You can define the type of booking and customize the duration, price, maximum number of bookings accepted, and so on when creating a booking product. You can accept bookings automatically or mark them as “pending” and manually approve them. You can also choose whether or not to allow the user to cancel the reservation.

Set the price for the product or service offered as a booking

You can set the price that users will pay per hour/day/month for each Booking product. You can set a fixed price (for example, €100 for an apartment) or multiply the cost by the number of people staying in the apartment (for example, €100 for each person staying in the apartment). You can provide last-minute discounts and add an unlimited number of custom prices (cleaning fee, tax, commissions, additional services, etc.).

Create advanced price rules to manage high and low seasons, discounts, etc.

You can override, increase, or decrease the default prices of your booking products using advanced price rules.

Also You can, for example, raise prices in August and December (high seasons for your business) and lower them during slower months to encourage users to book products or services. You can provide a discount for bookings lasting more than two weeks or for groups of people. The plugin provides limitless possibilities.

Set a default availability and create advanced rules to manage closures, sickness, scheduled holidays, etc.

You can configure a booking product with no restrictions and enable or disable specific days or times. Do you only offer cooking lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 to 8 p.m., and do you want your customers to be able to book only these days and times? You’ve got this! Do you want to make the sea view apartment unavailable in August so that you can use it? Or do you refuse bookings and appointments for two weeks so you can take a vacation? You can manage any scenario with availability rules.

Create unlimited “person” types to set different prices based on age, role, disability, etc.

Men, women, children, adults, and people over 60 are just a few of the categories you can create. However, you can also define students, people with a specific disability, veterans, loyalty card holders, and so on. Add as many labels as you want to categorize users booking on your site and apply custom prices.

Create free or paid “resources” for your bookable products

Do you want to reserve a meeting room and offer your clients additional resources such as a projector, monitors, and flipcharts? Or do you want your website visitors to be able to select their preferred doctor, legal advisor, or hair stylist when they book a service? The new “Resources” module is so versatile and adaptable that it can handle nearly any scenario. Your imagination is the only limit.

Create unlimited services, free or with a fee, to assign to your booking products

If you have apartments for rent and want to offer free breakfast or a paid cleaning service and extra linen, or if you want to inform customers about the availability of a swimming pool or free parking and offer them the option to filter and find apartments with these services only, you can create an unlimited number of services, free or with a fee, optional or required, and assign them to book products available on your site with just a few clicks.

Create unlimited costs, fixed or multiplied by person, to apply to bookings

Do you want to charge a $5 sign-up fee for each person who stays in your apartment, or a flat fee of $25 for cleaning? You can create custom costs that will be added to the booking price using the “Costs” panel. You can create ad hoc costs for specific products as well as global costs to apply to all of your booking products.

Create custom search forms and use shortcodes to add them everywhere you want on your site

Allow your users to search by location (for example, only apartments in Paris or Lisbon) or by services (e.g. search only apartments with a swimming pool or air conditioning). Show or hide “dates” and “person” fields, customize search parameter texts, and copy and paste the shortcode wherever you want on the site; in the header, as in our demos, in sidebars, within a page, and so on.

Monitor bookings in the built-in calendar and auto-sync it with services like Booking, Airbnb, and HomeAway

The plugin includes a calendar where you can keep track of all bookings. You can enable auto-sync if you rent apartments or houses on other platforms such as Booking, Airbnb, and Homeaway to avoid mistakes and overbookings.

Monitor all bookings through a dedicated panel

Do you have a lot of appointments and don’t want to lose your mind? The plugin includes a convenient table where all bookings are automatically added. You can filter them by date and view all or just the next arrivals, paid or completed bookings, and so on.

Integrate Google Calendar to view and synchronize all your bookings

Do you use Google Calendar for everything and want bookings to be automatically added to it? When you enable the integration, all bookings made on your website will appear in your Google account with just a few clicks.

Manually create bookings and assign them to your users

If necessary, you can manually create a booking by selecting a booking product, dates, and assigning the booking to an existing user. You can also make a related order or link the booking to an existing order.

Advanced customization options

Customize all labels and replace the “add to cart” button with a “Book now” button. You can also direct users to checkout after they click the “book now” button (so they will not be redirected to the default cart page). Customize every aspect of the search form and booking form on the product page to ensure that your site is flawless in every way.

A wide range of notifications for both admin and user

Keep track of everything that happens in your shop; the plugin sends automatic notifications to both the admin and the customer whenever a booking is created, edited, or canceled, whenever the booking status changes, and when the payment is confirmed.

The new Proteo Booking is available for free to easily import the demo content and settings

Take a look at our live demos; aren’t they amazing? We used our free Proteo theme to create the “Booking skin,” which you can use in your site by importing the entire demo content. Using our beautiful and free theme, you can replicate the same content and settings as our demo in a matter of minutes.

Download YITH Booking and Appointment for WooCommerce Premium Plugin

YITH Booking and Appointment for WooCommerce Free Download – Enable a booking/appointment system to manage the renting or booking of services, rooms, houses, cars, and other accommodations.


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